​20170918U.N. calls for global economic makeover to replace neo-liberalismWORLD CURRENCYGLOBAL “NEW DEAL”Read more HERE video critical of UN proposal clickHERE


Alec Baldwin, Michael Moore and the AmericanResistance Movement   For video click HERE.

20170815   “The biggest fraud was the IRS”

“Most citizens are not required to file income tax.”USA Today July 7, 2000. Things in the training manuals are not the same as in the tax code.  People are so afraid of the IRS that they always acquiesce. “ As long as you feed the monster, the monster is going to grow.” Listen to this award winning ex-IRS agent, CPA and author of the book“How to Stick it to the IRS:Confessions From a Former Insider” tell it like it is.Video click HERE    .

20180615 U S Withdrawal from UN Human Rights Council “Imminent Click HERE .

​20171027 IMF  Worried that High Inequality Could Threaten Global Capitalism Video click HERE

20170722   “US is a Laughingstock” Director of Government EthicsVideo clickHERE





   For the second time in 6 months I have had enormous problems closing out an account with a U.S. Financial institution. Details of the first experience are in the first article posted to this site on 20161216, “Warning!”. Look for it at the bottom of the “News” column.

   This time I tried to close out a bank account. I followed their instructions exactly. Instead of the account being closed out, I found that they posted one cent of interest to the account to keep it open. They then said that I'd have to travel to the U.S. to visit a branch to close it out or send a letter to them and have it notarized by not a lawyer here in Canada but a U.S. Notary in the U.S. or a U.S. Consulate or embassy.  There were also issues of fees.  Here in Canada the cent isn't even legal tender; they abolished use of it some years ago.  The finance minister said that "it isn't worth anything".  The one cent is like U S citizenship for those who no longer need or want it;  though the U S Supreme court said that citizenship belongs to the citizen, U S government bureaucrats use it to inflict financial abuse upon it's owner, just like the bank and the penny.

The bank officers kept contradicting themselves at one time saying the letter had to be notarized and another time it did not need to be notarized At one time saying there would be no fees and at another time saying there would be fees.

   I suggested that I write a check on the account for one cent to re-establish a zero balance so the account could be closed. They said that it would work. I called back later and asked if there would be service fees if I did that and they said “Yes”. They never mentioned the service fees when I first spoke to them about writing a check.

   They kept insisting that I do an electronic funds transfer to another account at another bank to avoid fees. Then I asked if the bank I was closing the account with could use the electronic funds transfer link to take out my funds from the other bank. The answer was “Yes”. I guess I see why they kept trying to get the electronic banking set up.

   When I visited my Member of Parliament's office last week to see about issues  with the amarican stock broker, they said to deal with the Canadian office of the broker, not the U.S. Office. This is what I did and it is good advice.

   When my mother moved from one state in the U.S. To another, I arranged with her bank manager to have the funds in her time deposit be transferred to her new bank in her new state. When expiration date arrived, the funds were not transferred but instead reinvested in another 5 year locked-in certificate of deposit. The bank manager had been changed (the bank manager I had spoken to did not mention that he was leaving that location) and nobody knew about the arrangements to transfer the funds to another bank. I had to get a lawyer to try to get the funds back. I tried to complain to government regulators, but the bank would not let me know who the regulator was until one bank employee asked my mother's age. When I answered 84, she told me the bank regulator was the Comptroller of the Currency and their address. To lodge a complaint with government regulators, you must (1) Find out if the bank operates under either a federal or state charter, then (2) locate the appropriate regulator (the Comptroller of the Currency for federally regulated banks) and then (3) find their address and (4) mail a complaint to the regulator.

   Finally after much trouble and effort, the funds arrived in my mother's new bank two days before she died.


20171004 U S near genocide of Americans in Puerto Rico Video click HERE, HERE, HERE  HERE .                           20171020 Puerto Rican Celebrity who Raised $100,000 for Puerta Rican Relief and sent 600 water Filtration Systems says

“ I operate as if FEMA doesn't exist and the U S government.” 

Time 19:21  Video click HERE

20170910  Trump wants more U S agricultural and fishing goods to be imported by Korea in renegotiation of the Free Trade Agreement. “Trump is also demanding South Korea buy more weapons from the U.S. and take up a greater share of the costs to operate U.S. forces here. American goods are not competitive; the one area of American superiority is the military.“ (Also see “THE GREAT AMERICAN KLEPTOCRACY “ article in the right column of this website). The American Chamber of Commerce in Korea said "We are also concerned about a deterioration of the relationship between the U.S. and Korea, leading to anti-American sentiment" Read full article from The Korea TimesHERE  .

​                                                                                                                       20170306

Street Gangs In US Armed Forces
       “We're just in it for the training”

​     This has long been a problem in the US armed forces and one that has seldom been addressed. A 2007 FBI report on the subject was titled “Gang-Related Activity in the US Armed Forces Increasing”. These activities included drive-by shootings, assaults, extortion, robberies and vandalism on US armed forces bases. This activity is exported to foreign countries—wherever US armed forces go. Video evidence of this in numerous countries is shown in the documentary on the subject, “Gangs in US Army” 2017 (please view it at the link at the end of this article).

     Current US policy is that gang members can enter the military as long as they are "pasive" members. The definition of "pasive" is left to each base comander. Durring the Korean war they were expected to sever their ties to the gang, but that changed in the 1970s. They accepted members who would have previously been rejected. The Iraq war resulted in lowering standards yet again so that recruters could meet their quotas.
     Gang members return after 4 years to employ US military tactics on civilians.
One gang member set up an ambush of police officers in Ceres, California. Due to MILITARY TRAINING SUPERIOR TO                                 POLICE TRAINING, the lone gunman was able to attack 3 police officers, killing one and severly injuring another.  The gang member appears not to have even been injured until after swat teams and police helicopter were used.
      US military medaling resulted in what Jack Ma said was a failure to distribute its's money properly (spending $14.2 trillion over 30 years on 13 wars). In addition, there are millions of people abroad who are dead who otherwise would not have been. Not to mention those who are displaced and bombed out of their homes. Yet another consequence is military-trained street gangs loose on the streets of the US.  

Video click HERE.

20170527Trump teammate tried to set up secret channel to communicate with Russia using surveillance free Russian equipment. Time 4:00 Video click HERE

20170430Bernie Commercial That Would've Won Election If Aired NationwideVideo clickHERE

20170915  US threats escalate North Korea tensions & risk nuclear war –professor“Nuclear war could end all life on earth.”“What's the point of having nuclear weapons if we can't use them?” Trump.Video click HERE   .

​20180615 Families fleeing for their lives for refuge in the U S have their children ripped from their arms and kept in separate prisons.U S plans to house them in tents in the desert in 38degree C + temperatures just like sheriff Joe Arpaio's “concentration camp” as he himself called it Click ​HERE​And HERE .              ​U S is the only country in the world to not ratify the “UN Convention on the Rights of the Child”.

    20160115              SHOCKING NEWS



I managed to get all but $20 out of the account (this relates to the news story below and "My Story #1" ) but was unable to get the last amount out so that the account and the link to my bank account would cease.  Today I got a call from the broker saying the $20 was for deposit for the security device and I should just keep the device and transfer out the $20. I told him I'd decided to keep the device because of the identity theft problem.  His answer was "I know."  Without the device I would be unable to check that the account was closed.


3 Year Old Korean Adoptee to U S Being Deported   Now after 37 Years in U S
7 years after adoption, he and his sister were abandoned by their parents.  At age 12, he was placed with the Crapsers as a foster child following a series of foster homes.  He was physically abused while at  the Crapsers who were charged with physical child abuse, sexual abuse and rape.  Thomas Crapser received a 90 day jail sentence and Dolly Crapser received 3 years probation.  
   Adam Crapser has been in detention for almost 9 months now awaiting deportation.  The detention is described as worse than jail.  The judge in the case denied his “cancellation of removal” application.   
  A supporter says she is lucky her adoptive parents applied for her to get U S citizenship.  She says a lot of times parents simply don’t know to apply.  “It seems so wrong and so inhumane.”  “Without knowing the language and the culture, it will be so difficult to survive.”  For full story clickHERE. 

Quote of the day "Being born in the U.S, is like being in the mafia or a terrorist organization--once in, never out."

20170823 Are the U.S. and China heading toward war? What ancient Greek history can teach us.See the book “ Destined for War – can America and China escape Thucydides's trap” by Graham Allison.Video clickHERE


                                                                               #6  Court Strikes Down Anti-Boycott Israel Law Time 16:55 Video clickHERE  .

20160211       updated 20160308

U S Puts Financial Assets At Risk

      The U S requires people who are U S citizens living abroad or otherwise holding foreign bank accounts to file both FATCA form 8938 and FBAR form FinCEN-114.  These reports contain sensitive information which can be used for identity theft.  FBAR covers almost all financial accounts and

mustbe filed electronically;  paper filing is not permitted.  [ Please note that at one time, FBAR forms had to filed on paper and could NOT be filed electronically as reported ..http://people.stu.ca/~hunt/ustaxinfo/cadct.htm.  Now it is the opposite way around.] This electronic filing puts those assets which are reported at risk of being hacked and stolen.

     In a report on these reporting forms, the American Citizens Abroad organization says “ACA also advocates for increased vigilance by the IRS on data security for Americans abroad who are filing sensitive information on their bank account numbers, bank addresses and balances via the internet and directly through foreign bank and foreign government exchanges with the United States IRS and Treasury (IGA agreements).”

     Since some people in the banks or brokerages are engaged in “scams” according to a bank manager who worked in the department of his institution responsible for these reports, we know that there is an alarming level of risk.  Because these scamers know that all of the details of the accounts are going to be filed electronically, they can use the privileged information they already have, knowing that when funds disappear from bank accounts, hacking of the FBAR will be assumed to be the reason.  Their activities will go undetected.

      Not only is the U S government setting up innocent filers for theft, but the U S also promotes this activity by using these people to “identify people who should be paying U S (income) tax” according to a U S immigration lawyer.  As reported in “My Story #1”, the person or people involved in that case electronically prevented a supplementary (unnecessary) U S reporting  form (W8 BEN) from being filed unless additional, possibly incriminating, information was also supplied.  After declaring the client to be a U S citizen, the scamers tried to get the client to submit proof of non-U S nationality.  According to the same bank manager, such information would be irrelevant if one were a U S citizen.  The only qualifying document to satisfy the scamers request would be a passport.  Symantec listed documents for identity theft; scans of passports were at the top of the list.

     The U S is going to extreme lengths to help criminals steal money form innocent U S reporting form filers.  Outrageous!

For more information, see “My Story #1” and the ACA report at the internet address........



20170617 US Truck Drivers Forced to Work 100 to 120 Hour Weeks for Pennies Per Hour
     Truckers were forced to sign untranslated contracts to buy their trucks.  They were told to sign immediately or be fired. Access to legal advise or translators was prohibited. The companies involved then forced the truckers to do whatever the employer said lest they loose their job and the equity built up in their truck.    Sometimes the company would not allow the drivers to go home.    They even locked the gates so the employee could not leave.   The employees ended up loosing their houses and quite simply everything.    The company could fire the driver without any reason, but the terms of the lease contract prohibited the driver from paying off the balance owing on the truck and taking ownership of it. The companies would withhold their paychecks until the drivers doctored their log books to falsely show that they had driven no more than the legally permitted number of hours.
140 companies have been accused in these cases and 1150 civil court cases have been filed.
Time17:37Video clickHERE
Yearlong investigative print report from USA Today  Read more click HERE

20151222am     Just minutes ago found out that it's not so much the tax they are after as hitting you for not filing reports such as FBAR.  The fines for not filing that run up to 50% of the funds in any bank account not reported.  Funds in brokerage accounts don't count.

     This is where it gets interesting.  Emails out of Hong Kong claimed to be from my broker, but they were so fishy that my bank manager said they are a scam and my email service refused to forward them to my lawyer because they were fishy.  Once you know that something is wrong and take the money out of the brokerage account, it ends up in a bank account which the US will rip you off for.  They are trying to force you into a position to penalize you.  

     There are a number of possible explanations of who is doing this.  It could be an employee who accesses the brokerage files to get people into a bad position for blackmail or extortion.  It could be a private for-profit bounty hunter who gets a percentage of what the US gets out of you.  Tell me what other explanations you can think of.  My lawyer didn't mention any of this; they get you to file tax as a US citizen thinking everything is ok, then the US takes  up to half of your bank account savings. 


See also in left column

20171223  POST TRUTH WORLD – U S “Ambassador” Lies about what he said on tape, then lies again about what he just said seconds ago. Video click HERE

First a few basic points:
* The U S and Eritrea are the only countries in the world to base income taxes on citizenship.
* The U S combines this with their practice of making it difficult to impossible to cease being a U S citizen, resulting in a money machine to tax foreigners.  This violates article Article 15 (2) of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which says “No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his nationality nor denied the right to change his nationality,”
* TIME WARP....The usual article used for loosing U S citizenship uses as its criteria the intent to renounce U S citizenship at the time another citizenship is taken out, BUT they try to continue to tax the individual as if they were still a U S citizen until a later date when the U S gets around to documenting the loss of citizenship.  This is IF the U S grants said document.
* Dual citizenship is only a fairly recent development.  Previously, loss of U S citizenship was automatic if one took out another citizenship.  But they ignore this.
* The U S charged higher taxes on   U S income for those who took out other citizenship.  Now that U S tax rates are higher than some other countries, the U S intends to tax them as if they ARE u s citizens.  They don’t propose to refund the extra tax the individuals paid already.  In some cases this extra tax could be tens of thousands of dollars.  “You ARE or ARE NOT a U S citizen OR BOTH (figure that one out); whatever makes the U S money.” Heads, I win; tails, you loose.
* Even though they have been treating a person as a non-US citizen for over 40 years, they are going after these people saying the U S government got it wrong all that time.  No statute of limitations.
* The age, medical condition and income levels are totally ignored (even if one is on the Canadian Old Age Supplement, they try to tax them.) [ The Canadian Old Age Supplement is an extra pension income given to any senior whose income is lower than the Government of Canada will tolerate.]

*The U S Supreme Court ruled in Afroyim v. Rusk "Our holding does no more than to give to this citizen that which is his own", his citizenship.  But now, the government is turning this on it's head and appropriating the right to continue to be or not be a citizen to it's self instead of it's rightful owner, the individual. 

                                  #4  20170805 Chuck Schumer:" criticizing Israel is unconstitutional” Video clickHERE    .#5 Law broadened to include simply asking for information about the boycot.Video click HERE     .

20170626  Naked, Sleeping, Suicidal, 53 Year Old Woman Told By Police to Show Them The Gun; When She Does, They Shoot And Kill Her

Video Click HERE

20171011  The Media Works For The War Machine Video click HERE  .

​20180309  Trump trade war could “derail buoyant global growth “Stocks could plummet 40%JP Morgan.   Read Sydney Morning Herald articleClickHERE .Australia Can't Believe Trump Broke His PromiseVideo clickHERE .

20171212  Man On His Knees With His Hands Over His Head Is Ordered to Crawl Forward. He Obeys and Is Shot Dead. U S Police judged not guilty Time 5:47Video clickHERE .

20180609 G6  Video click HERE  .and HERE  .and HERE .

                F  O  R.

20180316 U S Orders “Kill Anything That Breaths” Go to Daily Shows, Then select 20180316.
Trump Boasted That He Lied to Trudeau & U S Public on TradeTime 7:04
Video click HERE   AND ​ALSO Video click HERE.

20170714 Black Woman Beaten, Bitten & Brutalized By Police & Their Dogs
when she stopped to get a drink of water.  Police say it was a case of mistaken identity.  At the time they were looking for a 30 year old black man with a shaved head and goatee, 5’10” and 160 pounds.  She is  a 19 year old black woman5’2” and 115 pounds. Time 11:22Video clickHERE

20180116  U S Practicing for War With North KoreaTime 1:58Video clickHERE  .


 Koreans Show How to Stand Up Against Oppression and              For Democracy---an Example for America                            (Bad Guys Gone to Prison)        Video click ​HERE


Cruel U S Policy Lures Refugees                With a Promise of Safety,               Then Leaves Them Destitute

 Brazil offered refuge for 50,000 Hatians left homeless by the 2010 earthquake. Once the jobs building for the Olympics was over, there was no more work for them. Then the U S offered amnisty from deportation for those who could reach the U S.
        5,000 made it the 11,000km (6,600 miles) from Brazil, mostly on foot and thousands more are on the way.  Many quit the journey, unable to make the arduous trek while many others simply died along the way.  Of those who make it to Tijuana, some have been on the road from 3 to 5 years.  Then in September, the U S government withdrew it's offer, leaving thousands stranded at the Mexican border with the U S.  All their money gone, the U S abandoned them to the limbo that the U S itself had created.  All hope is gone.  As one refugee said, “Life isn't finished, but hope is finished.” Asked about the future, another didn't “even want to think about it.”

Click HERE for CBC video report from
Other sources

Haitian History Highlights

1740s Haiti and Jamaica the main suppliers in the very lucrative sugar production

1789 Wikipedia: Haiti was “ was the most profitable possession of the French Empire.  “

1791 Slave revolt is successful
Wikipedia: this “was a defining moment in the racial histories of the Atlantic World. “

1802 Napoleon invades and tries to re-introduce slavery.  He failed.

​1804 Haitian independence declared. Wikipedia: “Haiti was the first independent nation in Latin America, the first post-colonial independent black-led nation in the world, and the only nation whose independence was gained as part of a successful slave rebellion.  “

1805-1806 “trade between the United States and Haiti was formally shut down.”“ This decimated the Haitian economy This established a neocolonial relationship.Source

In the 1820s, South Carolina Sen. Robert V. Hayne made the U.S. position absolutely clear when he stated: "Our policy with regard to Haiti is plain. We never can acknowledge her independence."
Source   http://iacenter.org/haiti/embargoes.htm

1825 Haiti forced to pay 150 million gold francs compensation to former slave owners (this ended Haiti's political and economic isolation) This bankrupted the Haitian treasury.
(150 million=$21 billion in current dollars).

​ 1838 Amount of reparations reduced to 60 million

After France's conditional recognition, Great Britain and the other European powers quickly followed suit. But the United States refused.

1862 Jefferson, and other racist slave owners, kept the United States from recognizing Haiti until 1862 The U.S. slave owners presented the racist argument that Haiti's devastating economic decline was an example of what happens when Africans govern themselves. Before the Haitian revolution, St. Domingue -- its French name -- was more lucrative for France than the Thirteen Colonies ever was for Great Britain. They did not mention that Haiti's problems were caused by their own cruel and punishing neocolonial economic policies and actions.  Haiti faced the hostility of the United States, even from sectors like the Northern bourgeoisie, who weren't tied to slavery but were still thoroughly racist.
Source: http://iacenter.org/haiti/embargoes.htm

​1915 First American occupation of Haiti
1947 Reparations liability finally paid off
  20th and 21st Centuries In the late 20th and     early 21st centuries, the United States uses       Haiti's dire poverty.
Today, Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere by any measure, comparable to poor countries in Africa.

​UPDATED 20170824 “The Haitian revolution 1791 to1804 represented a general crisis of the entire slave system that could only be resolved with that slave system's collapse.” “ The Haitian revolution was the key factor in helping to explain why and where we are today and why we were able to excape enslavement.” Time 46:00Video click HERE

Crossing the line at the border -- a PBS report
“The very moral foundation of our country is in danger if these abuses persist.”
 Video click HEREand HERE

20170902  Prosecutors need to Get the Evidence Quickly Before Trump Makes Nuclear War to Cover Up and Distract From Russia Prosecution – the clock is ticking.Time 8:54 Video clickHERE .

20171125  Ecuadorian Fishermen Detained by U S    Aboard Coastguard Vessels 3,000 Miles Out In The Pacific In Terrifying Conditions For Weeks or Months While Fearing Being Disappeared  Time 4:46 Video clickHERE  .20171129 On”floating Guantanamo”detainees are chained to sides or decks of U S Cost guard ships(700 last year). They prosecute nearly everyone they pick up. The Coast Guard thinks “usual law enforcement constraints don’t apply.” General Kelly said “The more we push our borders out, the safer our homeland will be.” One detainee asked a Coast Guardsman “just shoot me and kill me, I would appreciate, because I cannot take this anymore.”  One case was dismissed, the judge saying  “If government’s argument is taken to its logical extreme, an individual could be detained indefinitely for a federal crime as long as the government did not file a formal complaint,” Time 50:30Video clickHERERead full story Click HERE  .

  Founder of US Mercenary  Firm  is Under Investigation
  “The investigation covers possible money laundering, ties to Chinese intelligence and attempts to broker military services to foreign governments” including 6 African countries which includes Libya.  Both the US and the UN have imposed a series of restrictions on military dealings in Libya.”  Prince’s firm would offer services to Libya to stem the flow of refugees to Europe. Video clickHER
E 20170713 

20170620As regards violence by the US government, we don't know about these cases often because they are in a far off, under-reported lands or they are buried. Just today, 20170620, a report surfaced that Richard Nixon operatives planned a physical assault in 1972 on peace activists including whistle-blower Daniel Ellsburg. “They used to say nobody got hirt in Watergate. That was not because they didn't try.” Daniel Ellsburg Time 11:24 Video clickHERE

"People think of it as just the Watergate break in at the Democratic National Committee headquarters in Washington. It was much more than that." 
Exclusive NBC print report....

To Read More clickHERE

20180420  Black Infant mortality in U S 3 to 4 times that of whits.  Same for pregnant mothers. Income and education have no effect on reducing this.  Stress of racism over the decades is the cause.  Go to www.democracynow.org  Click “Daily Shows”, then select April 19, 2018.

20170803   Trump Considering War with North Korea  Video click HERE

20170805  Next US Ambasador to Seoul is worst possible choice at critical time."Cha has been promoting a North Korea threat that seems to be unrelated to reality that suggests he has stepped over the line from diplomacy to advocacy for a confrontation with North Korea READ KOREA TIMES ARTICLE Read clickHERE   .

20170527US Kids Will Now Take "Anti-Science" Classes Video click HERE

20171005  China warns US over NORTH KOREA Video click HERE  .

20170919  Larry Wilkerson: North Korea is Not an Existential Threat - But Many People Benefit by Saying It Is Video click   HERE   .

                            #3 20170805 “We have a general asault going on against democracy in our electoral system.”  “A whole lot of hacking going on”Time 5:00Video click HERE#4 20170923 video click HERE

20180205  U S “Sparks New Nuclear Arms Race Pentagon's plan denounced as “radical and extreme”. China “new cold war.” Russia “renewed nuclear arms race.” Iran “the plan brings the world closer to annihilation.” “They will be used one day” Go to below ULR address and view the “Daily Show” for February 5, 2018 Time 10:25  https://www.democracynow.org/

#3 Video click HERE

20170821  U S median income for non-elderly fell 5% for 2000 to 2016. Time 17:42  clickHERE

20171111 Former Trump Advisor Mike Flynn's Insane Turkish Kidnapping PlotVideo click HERE  .

20171019  How America Got Divorced from Reality Video click HERE

20180314   U S War Crime of Using Biological Weapons Against North Korea in Korean War ​Time  17:43 Video click HERE  .And ​HERE  .

"President  Trump"    Reality                                              Strikes

      I Like It

                                    20170718 Trump Wish List for

                     Re-Jiging NAFTA
                1  End Impartial Dispute Settlement Mechanism ---    US     Dictatorship of Terms of Trade
 2 Weaker protections for working people
 3   Adds on TPP Terms, Doesn’t Cut Bad Terms of NAFTA --    Result is bad for people of all 3 countries and planet
4     Currency Manipulation (Neither Canada or Mexico has     .       been acused of currency manipulation)


   Green card holders have the same tax obligations as U S citizens even though they are not U S citizens.  Leaving the U S and letting the green card expire does not mitigate U S tax obligations at all.  The former green card holder is not entitled to live in the U S like a citizen of the U S, but they have the same tax obligations as a citizen.  This is set out in 26 U.S.C. 7701(n).  
      Former green card holder’s taxation like a U S citizen does not end until there is a FORMAL  ADMINISTRATIVE  OR  JUDICIAL  DECISION that abandonment of U S residence has occurred.  Usually this means that filing of Form I-407 with    U S   CITIZENSHIP  AND  IMMIGRATION  SERVICES as well as physically moving out of the U S.  Many are unaware of this requirement and are liable to have a shock when they find out that they are still required to file and pay U S taxes.  


Because there are a number of issues that we deal with and these issues can interact with each other, the outline below is provided to make things clearer.  Please note that there may be additional issues with individual cases.  As an example, “My Story #1 “  has the additional issue of identity theft.  We hope that this is not a typical situation.

1   U S  Taxes Income based on Citizenship   

2   U S Citizenship , at present, is difficult to impossible to get rid of     |  These two issues

    |work together to make

    |  a money machine for

     |   the U S.                      

     3    Former U S Citizens who took out other citizenship in the past did so under different rules from the ones in effect now.


4   U S bureaucrats are trying to ignore the loss of citizenship which occurred in the past and pretend that their recent administrative rule changes un-does losses of citizenship which occurred in the past (“Time Warp”).

5   U S legislation and court rulings, including U S Supreme court rulings,  have not  changed as far as we know, just administrative pronouncements.  We wonder if these things which are going on now would stand up if they were challenged in a court of law.

20170729  Trump Attacks Gay Rights
Violates campaign pledge.  Trump trying to make firings based on sexual orientation legal again.  Video click HERE

20170619  6 Members of the President's Advisory Council on HIV Have Resigned Saying President Trump Doesn't Care About HIVVideo click HERE

20171103 The Only Other Country to Tax People Based on Citizenship, Enslaves People, Has Arbitrary Arrests, Enforced Disappearances, Yesterday Opened Fire on Protesters Killing 28 Time 9:13Video clickHERE .

​20180614 Germans want U S ambassador expelled. He said it is his job to see that “conservative policies and conservative politicians in Germany succeed ...” Video click HERE .

#2 Video clickHERE

20170723US Prisoners Held Outside in Record Setting Heat in DesertTime  8:58 Video click HERE

  80% of      Americans are Mad at the U.S. Government

Are you mad at the U.S. Government (or not) and if so why?          
 A poll found that Americans believe that the political system is not working and that constituents’ interests are not put first.  Politicians just line their own pockets instead of working to get things done.  
     “The vast majority of Americans — 71 percent — still think the country is headed in the wrong direction.”

     So what do you think? Are you mad at the U.S. government or not?  If so, why are you mad at them?   

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 ​His report reveals that an apparent assassination attempt was made on the life of Andrew McGuire just two days after his name as a whistle blower surfaced at CFTC (Commodities Futures Trading Commission) hearings. He had informed on J.P. Morgan, the Federal Reserve, the US treasury and most of the large banks who were in a conspiracy to manipulate the price of gold lower. A bank would enter a big sell trade of paper gold, not real physical gold, on the futures market overnight when volume is very low and any trade would have maximum impact. The trade would be backed by the U S treasury which would supply the money. They are the only ones with that kind of money....all they have to do to make more money is to just print it. This kept the price of gold low to support and maintain the U S dollar as the world's reserve currency. (Please note that gold prices are set by the futures exchange and that “paper gold” claims to represent 117 ounces of gold for every one ounce of real, actual physical gold backing up the “paper gold” sold.)

     This illegal conspiracy is confirmed in the following quote “Western central banks seem to be balking at what will be seen as the disastrous policy of dumping the gold owned by their populations onto the market. The Gold Anti Trust Action Committee (GATA) have documented how this was done in order to suppress gold prices, in a bid to support and maintain faith in the dollar as reserve currency.” Click HERE for the source article.Mr. Hoppmann says that this is all coming to an end because China is introducing a gold-price-setting institution which will not be able to be manipulated. The Shanghai exchange will require one ounce of real, physical gold for every ounce of gold bought or sold. This fact will make manipulation impossible. The Shanghai gold price will be known as the Shanghai Gold Fix (SGF). 

20170609"Politics has changed and politics isn't going back into the box where it was before."

Video clickHERE

        ​20171013 John Perkins, author of “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man” Speaks Out Head of state says “We trust China more.” Video click HERE

​​20170316 U.S pressures Cambodia through the IMF to repay a 50 year old, $500million loan to a Cambodian dictatorship which came to power through a US coup. The money was used to buy weapons which, in turn, were used to kill it's own citizens. At the time, the US dropped 500,000 tons of explosives on Cambodia as part of Richard Nixon's escalation of the Viet Nam war. Time 9:15  Video click HERE

Bernie Sanders new organization www.ourrevolution.com

                                                                                                                                  "U S Puts Financial Assets At Risk" story updated 20160308

                                                       #2   20170804 Time 21:00 Video click  HERE

You Simply Must See This a perspective you will not get anywhere else! ​20171105  Former North Korean Diplomat Gives His Unique Insight Into the Situation   --  Apparently, US messed up by making Japan US-protected instead of Korea and Japan, resulting in Korean war.  Other loop holes in US-Korea defense treaty being exploited by North Korea. video  CLICK HERE  .

  R  E  D      A  L  E  R T

20171009  KOREA“The North has passed the point of no return”  ...”the doors for military options are closed”Video clickHERE  .

20170806 Pre Reagan: U S # 1   Now U S ranks below   Slovinia
Assembly Line Work Now:   U S  $14/hour 
 Germany $54/hour   Video click HERE

“If ICEis at your door... you have guaranteed rights” View at 7minute:40 second  spot

Video click HERE

    Stock Broker Trips Over Own Feet and  Outs Himself

After 75 days of trying to get my funds out of my stock brokerage account, I finally received them this week with the help of my bank managers’ advice and also the advice of the police.  The hold up was the broker’s fabrication of alleged U S tax withholding issues.  

The broker sent a demand for an immediate submission of a U S tax reporting form which they knew was already on file and had several years longer to be in effect.  They sent this from their Hong Kong office.  One bank manager who worked in the foreign income department near the Canada US boarder and consequently had lots of these cases labeled this request a scam and told me to ignore them.  He spent two and a half hours with me going over this issue.  He did this on two separate occasions for a total of 5 hours of critical help.  If you don’t have a bank manager like that, you are in trouble if the U. S. strikes you unexpectedly.

The broker’s Chicago office said I still had U S citizenship and even checked with their legal department to confirm that.  It was all false.  The U S Supreme Court and U S constitution say the opposite. (See “My Story #1and “Warning” stories on this site).The broker subsequently asked for proof of non-U S citizenship.  The only thing I had was my passport which I DID NOT send to them.  Later I found that scans of passports is the top thing on the list for identity theft.  Lucky I didn’t send it.  The bank manager said that if I had U S citizenship as the broker claimed, citizenship in another country would be irrelevant.  

For years my Canadian Social Insurance Number was listed on the broker's records as invalid.  Once we made a correction on it and the SIN was listed as "valid", they started asking for more information about my Canadian identity.  Information about an invalid SIN would be useless for identity theft, but information on a valid SIN would be useful for identity theft. 

Either  (1) I had U S citizenship and the subsequent request for proof of other nationality was useful only for identity theft, OR  (2) I did NOT have U S citizenship and they knew it which is why they wanted proof of non-U S citizenship.

Congratulations, Mr. Broker, you just tripped over your own feet and proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are just fabricating things  resulting in problems and U S tax consequences for your innocent clients.  There is no other logical possibility.

By proving this, you just outed yourself as one who fabricates alleged facts and requirements which have the effect of entrapping innocent clients in situations of your making which could result in a 20 year prison sentence, unjustified U S double taxation and/or U S penalties of up to 50% of the money in their bank accounts.


​         Korean Singer Dean Detained  2            Days  Without Sleep By U S Immigration     


       While on his way to Los Angeles, Dean was detained at a layover. He was questioned aggressively and threatened with deportation. His cell phone and luggage were taken and he was not allowed to contact anyone. Likewise, his managers were not allowed to contact him. No explanation whatsoever was given. Extensive search of his background by the Kpop reporting channel Hallyuback found nothing whatsoever derogatory much less anything to account for this action by U S Immigration. As it turns out, the visa he had to enter the U S was the appropriate visa (no mistake here) and valid.
            Perhaps he had the sniffles. See the story “
​​U S Officials to be able to detain people indefinitely if they say they “think” you might have a communicable disease “ below.

     For more info, click HERE or go to...

 Assault on Reporter for asking a question  

sheriff...​Video click HERE   BACKGROUND Video click HERE

20171219  U S turning into “World champion of extreme inequality” UN       Time 2:40                           Time 28:55  Video click  HERE

*Honduras Election Theft Time 3:20 & 11:37
*DACA Recipients Arrested for Peaceful Protest—On Hunger StrikeTime 6:33
*“Corker Kickback” Gets U S Tax Giveaway To The 1% Passed Due to     Flip by Senator Corker Time 35:07 Video click HERE  .

​NBC  Interviews Lu Kang of Chinese Foreign Ministry About China and the Trump Presidency

 For video, ​Click  HERE.​   (32 min., 54 sec.)                  20170131


​Also see address by China's top Billionaire, Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba.For video, ​Click HERE  ....who meet with President Trump.  For Video, Click HERE. Mr. Ma said Over 30 years, US had 13 wars costing $14.2 trillion. “You people did not distribute your money [profits] the proper way”

​20180119 U S Olympic Movement Fostered Sexual Abuse of Children “Darkest stain in U S Olympic history.”Time 21:51Video clickHERE  . 

20180615 UN Report – U S Policies Designed to Worsen Poverty & Inequality

20170919  “If Korea strikes first, we back US; US strikes first, we back Korea” China. US threatens to cut China off US$.    Video click HERE    .

My Story 

The Surprise                                        posted 20160110    
   Shortly after midnight Eastern Standard Time an e-mail was sent demanding an “IMMEDIATE” response.  It appeared to be from my stockbroker requesting an W8BEN form be filled out.  This form is for non-US citizens to establish proper withholding tax on US dividends.    This filing should not have been required because I had just filed one 8 months previously and they last for 3 or 4 years.  
   I foolishly tried to complete it, but I could not submit it because it was rejected until some extra questions not on the government form were also answered.  These were possibly self incriminating and were extorted from me under duress.  I foolishly answered the questions. Isn’t it illegal to PREVENT someone from filing out a form required by the U S government?  The additional information could be used for blackmail or extortion if I were to slip up and say the wrong thing.
   They tried to say I was still a U S citizen even though I am not and haven’t been one for over 40 years.  I have been filing tax on my U S income as a non-resident alien (1040NR) for decades and the IRS approved the filings.  The broker tried to say I had to fill out a FATCA form (Foreign Income Tax Compliance Act).  In the end they said I didn’t have to fill it out and my W8Ben filing was accepted.  They said there was no blocking of the funds in the account.  They also said that the time of the e-mail means it’s from     HONG KONG.   I asked if that is everything and she said it was.
    I tried to forward the e-mail from HONG KONG to my U S lawyer in Montreal, but yahoo refused to forward it because it was SPAM.  I had to try to find a U S lawyer in Toronto which I have not yet been able to do.
     My bank manager said that this is phishing and to ignore them.
     I transferred most of the money in the account out right away, but when I tried to transfer out the rest, it was rejected.  The rejection came from Hong Kong which we know because the phishers only have access to the account information after noon on Fridays, Hong Kong time.  I checked the balance available before and after the transfer and the amount shown to be transferable out was for the full balance.  Hong Kong was keeping the account open in order to access by Electronic Funds Transfer to the majority of my life savings which was in my bank account.
     I reported this to the police who said to try to avoid Hong Kong by trying to transfer out the balance on a Monday so when it’s completed in 3 days, it will still only be Wednesday, two days before Hong Kong can interfere with it.
     I tried again to transfer it out and spoke to the Montreal office which told me that the amount I could transfer out which was the full balance in the account.  But when I went to do the transfer, I saw that the maximum transferable out was $20 less, so I transferred out the lower balance successfully. I filed three complaints about the broker to IROC which is responsible for regulating brokers in Canada.  I got one voicemail from them and they never called back after my reply.  They have been no help at all.
 The Citizenship Question
     US Citizenship is lost if one (1) takes another citizenship with the intention to relinquish US citizenship or(2) Takes an oath of allegiance (such as in a citizenship ceremony) and renouncing other allegiances or (3) takes an oath of allegiance to a non-US government for which the individual works.  All three apply to me.  In addition, I was denied entry to the US which should only occur only if “the person may be a danger to the sovereignty of the USA.”  Since I presented no danger whatsoever, I would not have been denied entry if I really was a US citizen.
  What happened is that my partner and I were driving from Canada in a car we bought in Florida for use at our Florida rental property.  This is not only legal in Canada, but there is a specific law stating that it is legal.  The Canadian customs people imagined we were using it in Canada as a Canadian-use vehicle and alerted the US customs people.  They denied entry to my partner and had him take back his stuff in the car.  They then denied me entry on the pure fabricated presence that some of his stuff was still in the car.  It was in the middle of the night and I was without food, water, communications or any company when I found that I couldn’t enter either Canada or the US.  I just sat there for no telling how long until the Canadian Customs people offered to store some of the items for later pickup which they are not supposed to do.  My partner crossed the boarder the next day with no trouble and later was granted US citizenship.  Canada customs said that the US customs could not tell if the items in the car were his or mine and put some tools back in the car (I was just leaving some of my things to make it look like US custom’s fabrications were being accommodated.  US customs and Immigration were telling me that I still had US citizenship and were trying to intimidate me and force me to claim US citizenship so I could cross the boarder.  I did not do it.  Later I found out from a US immigration lawyer that if I had claim to be a US citizen, it would have resulted in a 20 year prison sentence.  This is what they were after.  I didn’t know that; I was just lucky that I happened to avoid their trap.  I had nightmares from that for many years after.  Had I claimed US citizenship to get out of being trapped in no man’s land, the fact that I was just repeating what US Immigration had told me would be of no help whatsoever.
     Since I presented no threat to the sovereignty of the US, I would contend that I was denied entry as a Canadian citizen, not US.  
      I also have found that US authorities have stamped my Canadian passport upon entering the US.  I am informed that this constitutes acceptance by the US that I am NOT a US citizen.  If this happens to you, KEEP THAT PASSPORT; IT’S YOUR PROOF.
     Because I took out Canadian citizenship more than 40 years ago, my situation is better than more recent immigrants; they have changed the laws in recent years.  Since I fall under the older criteria, my citizenship situation is as described above; more recent immigrants face tougher laws.

My Situation

     I’m in my 70s and not well:  osteoporosis, macular degeneration, borderline diabetes, difficulty breathing, etc.  I have to take 400 pills per week just to try to maintain the status quo.  
     I have such a low income that the Government of Canada gives me an extra pension, the Old Age Pension Supplement, just to bring it up to the minimum level that Canada will tolerate its seniors  having.  I don’t make enough to be required to file a tax return in either the US. or Canada regardless or citizenship or anything else.  Please note that I DO file a tax return in Canada in order to get the Old Age Pension Supplement.
   I couldn’t sleep because of the coughing and the resperologist said it is the stress from this situation that is causing it.  The mucus which causes the coughing also causes additional lung damage.  
     I don’t have much income, but I do have my life savings which is substantial.  Any of that which I will not need for medical and nursing expenses is going to charity.  The US should stop trying to steal money which should go to charity.

The Cost

   If I had enough income to have to pay tax, the US could gain some money if you ignore the fact that I am not a US citizen.  Both the stockbroker an a US immigration lawyer say the US is trying to find people who were born in the US to tax them (they ignore that citizenship is necessary to levy a tax).  
   I found out from the accountant (the lawyer didn’t mention a thing about it) that the US levies a penalty of up to 50% of the money in a savings account which was not reported on a FATCA form (form number 8938).  Only US citizens need to fill this out.  This is where they make their money. They show themselves to be trying to do identity theft so you take your funds out of the brokerage account which is safe and does not have to be reported and force you to put it into a bank account where you automatically loose up to 50%.  In my case the money in the banks account IS my life savings and they are engineering me into loosing half of it.   DISGUSTING!!!
                                 That's the end of My Story

20180118 Chelsea Manning's opponent in senate race is the senator who sponsored “Boycott Israel, Go to Jail” bill. Daniel Ellsberg speaks about  Chelsea's candidacy.Video clickHERE  .

​20171106 Twitter Exec Testifies to Congress How Twitter Uses a Bot to Censor Tweets Including Those From 100% Known Factual Source and Anything From “DNC Leaks” (also factual ), etc. – SUPRESSION OF TRUTH Video click  HERE  . 

20170902  Heterosexuals Banned From Hell (HUMOR)  Video click  HERE

20171113  61% of Americans Want a New Party.  click HERE  .

​20171120  Entire City of Pittsburgh’s City Council Placed on No-Fly and Terrorism Watch List For Supporting Paris Accord & the Like. Time 8:55 Video clickHERE(but watch the whole video).

​​U S Officials to be able to detain people indefinitely
if they say they “think” you might have a communicable disease

  People with a medical disability like a persistent cough or rash can no longer travel without the threat of indefinite detention, even though proof may be available to show it is not a contagious condition. Worse yet, there is no requirement for a court to determine if one should be freed. This administrative law allows for all this to be done by people with no medical expertise at all.  

     As we all know, rules are made with one avowed purpose and used for quite another purpose altogether. Political opponents could suddenly become one of the “disappeared” under this law. So., too, journalists or anyone else that the government or a disgruntled individual finds inconvenient.
     The deadline to contact the government is October 14 at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Standard time. This only became known to us on October 13.   
This came to our attention thanks to Brad Hoppmann and Uncommon Wisdom Daily.

P.S. How many times have we heard U S officials say "I thought he had a gun"?

5  Trump Refuses to disclose what his own    .    investments are in Mexico and Canada
6  Rex Tillerson has used the investor-state corporate  tribunals which are not being axed  (oil & gas companies use this mechanism to attack governments causing taxpayers to pay unlimited sums for expected profits if companies think health, environmental or consumer regulations cost them profits.  $470 million has already been paid out to multinational corporations under this provision.)

Video click HERE

Cross-Border Shopping to USA Sends You to Jail, Courtesy of US Border Officials Listen to entire event. Click Here.

Only 13% of Americans think US should launch a pre-emptive attack on North Korea Video click HERE 


Video click HERE

​20171111  Military Strike on North Korea Would be a “Catastrophic Failure for America” says National Security Adviser McMaster. Here's why.Video clickHERE  .

20180608 "There is no world hegemony if we organize ourselves and we don't want there to be" President Macron of France Video click HERE  .and ​HERE.

20171214  11 year old girl detained and handcuffed at gunpoint. Person they wanted was absent.Time 12:10Video clickHERE .  

20170809 105 News stories on North Korea From CNNRead more HERE     .

Exposé Reveals Trump Associates & ISIS-Linked Vigilantes Are Attempting Coup in Indonesia Video click HERE Direct access to Alan Narin's article at “the Intercept”ClickHERE ​20170423

29170712      Former FCC Commissioner on How Greater Media Consolidation is a Threat to Democracy and Free Speech

   Mergers gives “just too much power to one company.”  With Trump & new FCC, just about any merger is green lighted.  Wall street loves them though they cost billions of dollars.    “it is really a democracy issue and a free spech issue”  “to expect them to voluntarily protect the public interest, you’re talking about something that’s not going to happen.”  “I never saw these voluntary guidelines work.” 

      “if they didn’t have that big money influence these proposals to deny net neutrality probably would be dead on arrival”  “just another example of big money influencing our democracy and hurting our democracy.”  Trump seems to be reversing direction on this.  “the era we’re going into now is even going to be worse”  “you [Democracy Now] do a wonderful job ..... but not the mainstream media”  Video clickHERE

Wednesday (today) -- day of action to save net neutrality.
Video clickHERE

​20171120  Mexicans Demonstrate Against NAFTA Which Has “only been an economic and social disaster for our country.” Mexican farmers have been forced out of business by US subsidized farm products under NAFTA.Time 7:41Video clickHERE .

20170704"What to the slave  is the 4th of July?"

A spech delivered by Frederick Douglas in 1852

Video clickHERE


Global Protests Against U S President

Protestors from Canada and UK turned away from US when atempting to join the protest. French people who were also turned away were told that, in future, they would need visas to enter the US. Others were asked if they supported or opposed Trump.

Notable quotes from www.thestar.com include Francine Cournos“There’s never been a worse moment in American history during my lifetime.” Nancy Gilbert said she was afraid of what appeared to be a shift “away from democracy.”  Nancy O’Brien “He’s such a vile man that there’s no hope.”

​Video, click HERE and HERE and HERE.

20171207  U S War Plansin the 1950s Would Have Killed600 MillionPeople by Pentagon estimates. World population was 3 billion at the time. This does not include any fatalities in the U S. “Insane” assumptions by Khrushchev replicated by Kim Jung Un today. Time 21:21Yeltsin hesitated to respond to apparent nuclear attack which is why there is human life on earth today. (Time 49:09)Video clickHERE .

20170902  ICE applies for permission to destroy evidence of human rights abuses by ICE officers including deaths and sexual abuse.Time 4:30 Video clickHERE

US  Government Denies Visas of 60 to 100 Africans Entering the US  ​Their purpose in going to the US was to attend The African Global Economic and Development Summit. As a result of US government action, NOT A SINGLE PERSON FROM AFRICA WAS ABLE TO ATTEND THE SUMMIT. Time 8:28 Video click HERE

​20171013 10% of New York City Public School Students Are HomelessTime 50:13Video clickHERE

20180201  Sec. of State Says U.S. Should Celebrate Starving People  Video click HERE

  Bullying  Britain

20160624​​         Obama bluntly urged Britain to remain a member of the European Union on Friday, warning that the country’s prospects for forging a trade agreement with the U.S. would suffer if it left the bloc.
     Obama also offered a direct warning about the consequences of exiting the European bloc. A trade deal with Britain might happen someday, he said, but the U.S. first would focus on    negotiating a large, multination agreement with members of the European Union.
     “It’s not going to happen anytime soon,” Mr. Obama said of a bilateral agreement with Britain. “The U.K. is going to be in the back of the queue.”
     Mr. Obama’s decision to voice his views as interference in British affairs. Jacob Rees-Mogg, a Conservative lawmaker who supports the so-called Brexit, said Mr. Obama should have stayed out of the debate.
     It’s stunningly hypocritical, unless America wishes to be ruled by Mexico,” said Mr. Rees-Mogg  “It’s so against the diplomatic norm to intervene in a live political debate.”
     London’s popular mayor, Boris Johnson ,said the U.S. shouldn’t tell Britain what to do. “The problem with the EU is that nobody knows who’s in charge, nobody knows who’s making these decisions, and I think it’s very, very weird that the United States should be telling us to do something they would not dream of doing in a million years themselves,” Mr. Johnson told reporters.
     Dominic Raab, one of a handful of government ministers publicly backing Britain’s exit from the EU, said what’s good for U.S. politicians isn’t necessarily what’s good for the British people. WSJ

     From the Express "INTERFERING Barack Obama recently muscled his way into the EU referendum debate and threatened Britons against voting to Leave"

     US President Barack Obama has said Britain would go to the "back of the queue" for trade deals with the US if it votes to leave the European Union.
     Mr Raab told BBC News: "The reality is the US has failed and Barack Obama's biggest trade failure has been in not being able to secure a trade deal with the EU.
     “ the centralized control by bureaucrats at EU headquarters in Belgium is something that average Britons were just sick and tired of living under. The vote in the UK yesterday was a stark reminder that citizens naturally crave local control as opposed to centralized control — especially when that centralized control is far away from its own borders.” Uncommon Wisdom Daily (one of the Weiss group of newsletters) 20160624    \

     If “the centralized control by bureaucrats at EU headquarters in Belgium is something that average Britons were just sick and tired of living under”, you can just imagine how people feel when faced with penalties of 50% per year of their savings accounts, double-taxation and fines just because they were born in the U.S. or born to former U.S. citizens. All of this is due not to legislation and runs contrary to U. S. Supreme court rulings which cite the U.S. Constitution. It’s all done by bureaucrats in Washington who did a 180 degree turn and say they had been getting it wrong for the past 250 years. P.S. If you report, it means claiming U.S. citizenship which results in a 20 year prison sentence if you can’t prove it in court, according to a top U.S. Immigration lawyer. Catch 22, a unique U.S. invention which only the U.S. uses to the fullest.

     Here's what a U.S. Citizen has to say about Obama's bullying. “No going to the back of the line like our president bullied! Hope we set up new trade policy as soon as posisble.” 

​   That bullying worked about as well as the second Iraq war which resulted in ISIS.

​20180305  Trump – President For Life [President for life] Maybe we'll have to give that a shot some day.”TrumpTime 3:56ClickHEREthen click on “daily show”, then select March 5, 2018.

20170805  Quebec, Canada is receiving 150 migrants per day from the U S.  “You guys understand humanitarian unlike in the United States.  You treat people as human beings.”Time 3:22Video click HERE  .


Canada - U S Tax Treaty Unfair

    As a signatory of the Universal Declaration Of Human Rights, Canada should receive protection under article 15(2) from it’s citizens being double-taxed as U S citizens.  That article says that people have the right to change their citizenship. The U S is negating that by making it difficult to impossible to loose U S citizenship when taking out other citizenship such as Canadian citizenship.  They even go back in time and try to un-do the loss of citizenship which occurred nearly fifty years ago.  If the U S can do that, where will they stop?  If they can un-do the loss of citizenship of the present population in order to tax them, why not go after the estates of deceased Canadian citizens who once had U S citizenship?  Will they try to tax the Canadian property that once belonged to the United Empire Loyalists who lost their property in the U S and were forced to flee to Canada after the American Revolution?

    Of course, by denying U S citizens the right to change their citizenship and thereby change their tax-ability as U S citizens, they violate both the U S Supreme Court ruling on the matter and the U S Constitution which said court quoted in its ruling.  The ruling was that citizenship is the property of the individual person.  The current problems are caused not by a court ruling, not by a change in legislation but by the U S government bureaucrats who decided in 1990 to make the citizenship change.  They recently decided that “people should have been paying tax” to the U S all along and started going after those who had U S citizenship in the past.  Even if one does manage to get a “Certificate of Loss of Citizenship”, the U S can “come after” you later (for tax).  (I suspect that applying for said certificate compromises one’s right to claim loss of citizenship as a “relinquishing” of citizenship.)

   Profits on U S ETFs are taxed in Canada as capital gains, at half the rate of tax of regular income.  The U S unfairly taxes Canadian ETFs at double the rate, just the same as regular income.
     Profits on U S mutual funds are taxed in Canada as capital gains.  The U S unfairly taxes Canadian mutual funds’ profits as regular income.

   Funds in U S Roth IRAs are not taxed in Canada.  The Canadian equivalent of a Roth IRA is the “Tax-Free Savings Plan”.  The U S taxes these plans and taxes them as regular income, not at the lower rates for Canadian dividends or capital gains.
     The above are three examples of the U S unfairly taxing Canadian citizens who once had U S citizenship and also taxing them at a higher rate than Canada taxes comparable U S source income.  This is so unfair on the part of the U S!

Challenge to the U.S.

"Will you now commit to ending taxation based on citizenship like the republican national committee has done?"
Sent to democratic national committee 20160725:0102       Please note that when this e-mail was sent to the Democratic National Committee, they only accepted messages from WITHIN the U.S.  Required fields of "State" and "Zip Code" were limited to U.S. locations.  This demonstrates clearly that ONLY PEOPLE INSIDE THE U.S. COUNT.  Anyone outside the U.S. exists only for purposes of taxation, not representation.  So much for the "no taxation without representation" upon which the U.S. was founded.

US Violation of International Law Which Forced Russia  to Accept Snowden's Asylum Application 29170606  Video click HERE ​ and Video clickHERE

​​​​​                                                                               KEY... "Time" gives you the time to fast forward to in the following video.                                               

"My Story"                                                                Background (What's this all about)                         News ..... (67news stories)

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20170320 Obama turns back the clock more than 800 years on civil liberties

Barack Obama repealed habeas corpus in 2011 with section 1021 of NDAA. Wikipedia calls habeas corpus 'the most efficient safeguard of the liberty  “. It is essential for freedom and was in the Magna Carta Libertatum ("the Great Charter of the Liberties" ) which was signed in 1215. [Habeas Corpus per se provides the process for enforcing such liberties and was enacted in 1640.] 1021 says you can now be held in military prison detention indefinitely (with no time limit),forever, and without ever having any trial if someone says you are a terrorist, or that you support either terrorism or a terrorist directly or that you support or substantially help either terrorism or a terrorist indirectly.

Who is a terrorist? Well, the US government classified Martin Luther King, Jr as a terrorist. Nelson Mandela was still classed as a terrorist by the US government 18 years after he was released from prison, 15 years after he won the Nobel Prize for Peace and 14 years after he was elected president of South Africa.[The reason Nelson Mandela went to prison in the first place is that a CIA agent provided the information necessary to apprehend him and send him to jail.]Black Lives Ma***er was labeled in a nationwide alert from the “Fusion” section of Homeland Security[the purpose of “Fusion” is to distribute nationwide the identity of those labeled “terrorist” and similar “information”] wherein they said that the group was a threat to the lives of law enforcement agents (if you object to cops killing unarmed black people, it is the cops who are threatened according the the US government, not the black people who are getting killed).
​[To see what else "threatens" law enforcers, check out story  "Cross-Border Shopping..." in a box in the right hand column.]An American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) report says protesters of the killing of black people by police are “now considered 'domestic terrorists.'” (See link below). The head of the Oregon Department of Justice was labeled a terrorist for using “Black Lives Ma”***”er” on the internet. What he was doing was sharing the cover of a hip hop album on Twitter. The ACLU asks why protesters are now tagged as terrorists.

Now that Barrack Obama has decimated the civil liberties from centuries past, are we to now look to President Trump to undo the harm?
 Video click HERE

ACLU article click HERE

20170819  Military Chiefs of China & U S Meet in Beijing. Pledge to overcome differences & fortify links. Read story from the Korea Times ClickHERE Related story “The US should agree on an expansion of nuclear weapons capabilities in the Pacific to Japan to curtail the threat posed by North Korea” ReadHERE

​20170824  Counter-Revolution of 1776: Slave Resistance and the Origins of the USA  Video click  HERE  ​also HERE  Mental acrobatics about the mythology of US history is corrosive. 

US Border Official Shoots Across Mexican Border Killing Child at Play.  Total 7 such cases. View at 7 min. 43 sec. mark. Video click HERE



Lays Down

the Law to



Convention In Secret Letter -- Never More Relevant Than Today
      A book about Henry Wallace, FDR's preferred vice-presidential running mate, said corporate democrats tried to block his nomination before Roosevelt's arrival. The book, “American Dreamer, a Life of Henry A. Wallace”, says FDR wrote a letter to the convention. Here it is....

“Franklin D. Roosevelt Letter to the Democratic Convention

July 18, 1940

Members of the Convention:

In the century in which we live, the Democratic Party has received the support of the electorate only when the party, with absolute clarity, has been the champion of progressive and liberal policies and principles of government.

The party has failed consistently when through political trading and chicanery it has fallen into the control of those interests, personal and financial, which think in terms of dollars instead of in terms of human values.

The Republican party has made its nominations this year at the dictation of those who, we all know, always place money ahead of human progress.

The Democratic Convention, as appears clear from the events of today, is divided on this fundamental issue. Until the Democratic Party through this convention makes overwhelmingly clear its stand in favor of social progress and liberalism, and shakes off all the shackles of control fastened upon it by the forces of conservatism, reaction, and appeasement, it will not continue its march of victory.

It is without question that certain political influences pledged to reaction in domestic affairs and to the appeasement in foreign affairs have been busily engaged behind the scenes in the promotion of discord since this Convention convened. Under these circumstances, I cannot, in all honor, and will not merely for political expediency, go along with the cheap bargaining and political manouvering which have brought about party dissension in this convention. It is best not to straddle ideals.

In these days of danger when democracy must be more than vigilant, there can be no connivance with the kind of politics which has internally weakened nations abroad before the enemy has struck from without. It is best for America to have the fight out here and now.

I wish to give the Democratic Party the opportunity to make its historic decision clearly and without equivocation. The party must go wholly one way or wholly the other. It cannot face in both directions at the same time.

By declining the honor of the nomination for the presidency, I can restore that opportunity to the convention. I so do.”

     In the end, that letter was never sent because a speech by Eleanor Roosevelt turned the tide at the convention. The above letter was published almost nowhere and was almost unknown until it appeared in Oliver Stone's new Showtime documentary series “Untold History of the United States”.
      When Barack Obama came into office, the Democrats never mentioned FDR because they had been busy dismantling the New Deal for the prior two decades. It was Bill Clinton who repealed the New Deal regulations which repeal unfettered the banks resulting, predictably, in the Sub-prime Crisis and crash.
“...that's why you know they're not really Democrats. They're just corporatist tools who are selling out their country and the way they do it is by defeating the agenda of the worker.”
Video click HERE

20171103 Obama & DEA Complicit In Opioid EpidemicVideo clickHERE

The Democratic National Committee would not answer our question if they would commit to ending citizenship based taxation nor those of American Citizens Abroad representing 8 million potential voters.  The result of ignoring voters, a Donald Trump victory.  

See "Democratic Failure" story right below "China to the Rescue" dated 20160802.

20170201 ​Anonymous---“Obama expanded authorization to execute extrajudicial assassinations anywhere in the world and a military which has beenauthorized by the NDAA to detain anyone anywhere including US citizens indefinitely without trial.”For Video, Click HERE Also see "Obama" story below (center column)   See also "After Sleep-Deprivation Torture at US border, South Korean Singer Dean Bypasses US for Canada",  "Korean Singer Dean Detained 2 days Without Sleep by US Immigration" and  "US Officials to be Able to Detain People Indefinitely"  All 3 stories in right column, further down this page.ALSO SEE https://www.stopndaa.org/

 20170605 Click HERE


​20170505 US Police Officer Said “I'll kill you, bitch” just before shooting Alton Sterling 6 times killing him. Trump Refuses to Prosecute.Time 9:35Video clickHERE

         Pierre Trudeau                 President Richard Nixon

Not all relations were as cordial as those with China.

Further reading....”Two Innocents in Red China” by Pierre Trudeau and Jacques Hebert. 

​20180117 Pentagon Proposes to Respond to Cyberattacks With Nuclear Weapons Video click HERE   and Time 20:53Video clickHERE and read David Cay Johnston's book 

​​#4 in a series of a series of articles

Control, Collapse and Corruption  ​  20170101

U S policy has been to control power and to collapse the economy as a means to control power. This power resides no longer with the U S government but with American corporations

In a “Ted Talk” on YouTube, Yanis Verifackus said that real power now belongs to those who control the economy, not elected governments. He believes that the mega-rich (0.1%) and American corporations are cannibalizing the political sphere, causing financial crisis. (Though U S power has declined from 50% of global wealth, American corporations' power has not declined and is presently at 50% of global wealth according to Noam Chompskey.)     Click HERE to see Yanis' “Ted Talk”.           J.R. Crooks authored an article for “Uncommon Wisdom Daily” on 20160831:1355hours which quoted James K. Galbraith as follows:

“They … turned over the regulatory apparatus to the regulated industries. They turned over the hen house to the foxes in every single case. That is the source of the decline in and the abandonment of environmental responsibility, the source of the collapse of consumer protection, and the source of the collapse of the financial system, all trace back to a common root, which is the failure to maintain a public sector that works in the public interest, that provides discipline and standards, a framework within which the private sector can operate and compete. That’s been abandoned.”

     In stead of supporting the wage earner, Allen Greenspan bragged to Congress that success of his policies was due to his making the lot of the worker precarious. Paul Vocker had previously set out the objective of the U S as being that of continuing U S power and hegemony by running up great debts and trade deficits while drawing in investment from around the world to finance it all. He laid this out in his speech to Warwick University on 8 November, 1978 where he said
“(A) controlled disintegration in the world economy is a legitimate objective”. This, of course, is entirely contrary to the interests of America wage earners, Global wage earners, political and economic stability, peace and members of the public everywhere, whether in the U S or elsewhere. The only ones to benefit from this are the 0.1% and American corporations, the ones in power.

David Frum, conservative speech writer for President George W. Bush, justified the total and ultimate corruption of all human positions of power or responsibility when he stated in CBC-TV election night coverage of President Trump's election that people whenever they get into a position will act according to what they as individuals want or think, not the requirements of the position. Thus, prejudices, prejudgements, biases and plain old personally preferred outcomes corrupt all positions of responsibility including jury members, police, government bureaucrats and, of course, elected officials who make the laws.

     Thus, the 0.1% and American corporations have disintegrated, cannibalized and corrupted all which is not theirs.


20170419 KOREA Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, former Chief of Staff of Colin Powell, said “Strategic Patience”, which Trump says is over, produced no war in the 64 years it has been American and allied policy. Most South Korean citizens are willing to have Strategic Patience continue forever.
     Trump says they are trying to deter North Korea, but Colonel Wilkerson says “it is ridiculous that they are not deterred”. The US has more nuclear weapons than everybody else combined, excluding Russia. The US says that if a war breaks out North Korea would be “turned into a charcoal brickete”. The notion that North Korea is not deterred and has not been deterred for the past 64 years is “ridiculous”. US nuclear threats is the reason North Korea needs nuclear weapons in absence of an agreement.
     The EU-US program to replace plutonium producing reactors in North Korea with reactors which cannot produce plutonium failed because the US Congress would not follow through with the bargain. The EU put up their billions but the US did not. The US double cross of it's Libya deal is top of mind in North Korea. That Libya double cross by the US teaches other world leaders to “beware of the US".
     Colonel Wilkerson says that if he was put in the circumstances that the US created for North Korea, “I'd want a nuclear weapon too.” We will never get a non-nuclear North Korea. On the other hand, “if you were to leave the situation alone”...”you would probably already have North and South Korea having worked out reconciliation; you'd have unification and the capital would be Seoul.” US presence is not needed in Korea.
     The North Koreans do all their high-stakes poker games in order to get the US back to negotiations.  

​Video click HERE

20171118 Elites Cut off Any Dissent in Media, Then Label Dissenters as Foreign Agents – Some settlements for sexual harassment or assault are tax deductible. I guess that's because they are in the business of sexual harassment and assault. Video click HERE   .

20171214  New Study --- U.S. Revolution Is Brewing.The misery score which sunk the Roman Empire was .59; U S is now worse at .81.Video clickHERE .

20170907  Whose Country is it Anyway? Big transnational corporations get consulted up to 9 times as often as public interest groups in Brexit negotiations. Video CLICK   ​HERE

Glen Greenwald "Democratic Party has collapsed." Tom Perez forced to apologize for saying DNC nomination rigged. Video click HERE.

20170216Glen Greenwald

"Deep State Coup" in USA

"to urge that the CIA and the intelligence community empower itself to undermine the elected branches ofgovernment is insanity.  That is a prescription for destroying democracy overnight in the name of saving it."(time 5:37 mark)

Video click HERE.

20170925 Trump Korea“I don't think he's thinking of South Korea at all.”  Video click HERE  . 

20170807  On Contact: Corporate Crime with Russell Mokhiber        Non Profits co-opted to greenwash corporate agenda.   “It is illegal under the Patiort Act to issue statements or carry out actions that harm the profits of the animal agriculture industry.” Video clickHERE   .

20171103Bombshell: Labor Unions FormingThird Political Party! click  HERE  . 

From an interview with the direcor of "Snowden" the movie.......

Q  You have a line in your documentary series The Untold History of the United States: “The fatal flaw arises not from without but from within.” So what is the fatal flaw in America today?
A    A love of militarism, a love of violence. It’s in our genes. It’s been enhanced and enhanced, and combined with arrogance and hubris. Which all empires have.
Q    Do you think there has been a coup in this country?
A    Yes. Definitely. Obama can’t do anything. It’s benign, gradual. It’s the ascension of the military-industrial complex. I don’t think any president can break through and control that. Kennedy tried. He famously said he wanted to break up the CIA. Never happened. I think we’ve lost control.
     Who’s to say that one day a president won’t come in and stage a retroactive roundup of all the people who think different?
source https://www.wired.com/2016/09/oliver-stone-snowden/

​Exclusive, riveting, never-before told story of Snowden's escape from America. Click HERE.

​Movie review by the Hollywood ReporterClick HERE.

For Vanity Fair artile on Snowden \WEB PAGE CURRENTLY DOWN!!  Copy & paste...


The Snowden story from theGuardian.     Click HERE

20160714  Today, Canadian Securities regulators in the province of Ontario said "FATCA is a hot potato issue"FATCA is a bank balance reporting requirement which Republicans Overseas is suing the US government to stop. It has nothintng whatsoever to do with the securities which IROC regulates.  This is just another case of foreign governments being bullied into shilling for the U S government.  Click HEREfor more on suit.

Reverend Jesse Jackson:  U.S.A. "the most violent nation on earth."

Hey, stop that!   Didn't you hear, I ordered a travel ban?

Healthy life expectancy is LESS in the U S than in China. Click  ​HERE  . 

​20180302  Secret Plan To Steal Earth’s Remaining Fresh Water  World Bank, WRG, Corporations and corrupt politicians. Video click  HERE  .

 Bank of England Calls for £4 Billion Bail In by 2022


20170829  Sanctions caused Iran to double down with nuclear program – a lesson for the Korean case. A better nuclear deal could have been struck if the U S had not adopted such an unrealistic negotiating position – one from which the U S planed all along to back down from and abandon.Time 8:36 Video clickHERE

"​The FBI's Secret Rules" ​(Many sub-reports from "The Intercept" which was co-founded by Glenn Greenwald www.theintercept.com)  To Read, Click HERE

China called

“a Hero” by Brad Hoppmann in his report “Great Gold Coverup.”​20160927

Just being suspected of Tax Evasion Now Requires the Canada Revenue Agency to Fingerprint a Person Without Any Judicial Process – No Discression is Allowed.
This results in the person being treated by the US as being gulity of a 19th century law “Crime Involving Moral Turputide” (CMIT). Adultry was a CMIT crime until 1982. Sodomy is still a CMIT “crime”. This results in the person being unable to enter or pass through the US unless he can prove innocence at the bourder crossing point. This is a serious bar for those needing medical care not avaliable in Canada or for business in the US or a third country. Even if a court were to find a person innocent, that does not solve the problem this new CRA policy has created.

Read full article HERE

​20171120 Rekindling the Radical Imagination: Chomsky, Piven, Jones & Arundhati Roy March – China, India, U S, ETC. – Food consumption in rural India has sharply declined since implementation of “Neo-Liberal” policies. Video ​(posted to youtube today) click  HERE   .

#2 in a series of a series of articles

     How Bad is it Going to Get
I would contend that the “New World Order” is an attempt by the U.S to set in place a mechanism by which it can maintain hegemony in spite of its decline in power as it looses the title of “World's Biggest Economy” to China. It has practiced and refined it's techniques of spreading it's domestic legislative reach worldwide with it's use of “Tribute Taxation” (Taxation as tribute to power instead of for services provided by the government) which this web site is about together with FACTA regulations. The U.S took from 1990 to 2014 to implement it's plan for Tribute Taxation with worldwide reach.   24 years is not needed for implementation of a tax regulation, but it is if that regulation is a template for what's to come.

Larry Edelson of www.moneyandmarkets.com (you can get a free subscription by going to their web site and signing up for it) has long been predicting an increase in the cycle of war which is to peak in late 2020. He also predicts more authoritarian governments. Already he says that U. S reach is worldwide and inescapable (think Tribute Taxation).

In today's “Money and Markets” Larry said ““From Istanbul and Rio de Janeiro to Syria and India, the world’s Internet-connected masses are rising up against incompetent, corrupt, increasingly authoritarian governments … and the results will NOT be pretty.

“Hundreds of millions of people — in the Middle East, Europe, Asia and South America — are already starting to revolt against the economic misery imposed by their authoritarian governments.

These regional conflicts and civil wars are going to do two things:

First, they are going to unleash the full fury of heavily armed, increasingly authoritarian governments — new Big Brother states all over the world — that now track nearly everything we write, say, buy or even think.

Second — and most surprising of all — this new cycle of warfare will also coincide with the last stock and commodity market booms of our lifetimes — booms that too many ordinary investors will miss out on due to bad advice and even blind panic.”

Big Brother and “New World Order” or more properly, New Worldwide Orders.

U S Actions Could Leave Some Stateless

 The U S is changing the rules for loss of citizenship retroactively.  Current rules are being applied to those who lost their U S citizenship in the 1970s.  If they do this in the future and change the rules back to what they were in the 1970s, then people who took out other citizenship and subsequently lost or renounced it, knowing that they still had U S .

 citizenship, would become stateless, with no citizenship at all, retroactively.  In the 1970s one automatically lost U S citizenship when another was taken out.  So if one renounced or lost the new citizenship and years later the U S retroactively changed the rules to the same as they were in the 1970s, then U S citizenship would also be lost leaving the person with no citizenship . Previously the U S had been very careful to guard against people becoming stateless.  20160221

            1812  -  2012            20160119
          America’s Secret Second
                 Invasion of Canada

     Under new citizenship laws and
bureaucratic directives, U S citizenship
is automatically inherited by all children
of an American citizen and that citizenship is virtually impossible to get rid of.  Previous laws were much less stringent.
     As an incurable  sexually transmitted disease, American citizenship will eventually spread to infect all residents of any country with Americans; it’s just a matter of time.  [The children of American citizens are automatically
American citizen who then have children of their own who are U S citizens who in turn have children of THEIR own all of whom are U S citizens...on and on endlessly.]
     This results in the subject country
having to pay taxes to the U S for it’s
own citizens, eventually all of it’s citizens.
     This is, of course, devastating to any
nations’ economy and eliminates it’s
     In the present case of Canada, in addition to charging taxes on U S citizens who are either Canadian citizens or Canadian residents
or both, the U S charges taxes as regular income on several types of income which are treated as either tax-free or capital gains in Canada.  
These types of income include “Tax-Free Savings Accounts”, the equivalent of the U S Roth IRA; Canadian ETFs; Canadian Mutual Funds; and Canadian REITS.  Whereas Canada does not tax the Roth IRA, the U S taxes the Tax-Free Savings Accounts as income.  Whereas U S ETFs,
Mutual Funds, and REITs are taxed as capital gains in Canada, the Canadian equivalents are taxed as income in the U S.  This fails to treat Canadian investments the same as domestic
ones in the U S which is in contravention of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).
It is also devastating to any Canadian citizen infected with the U S citizenship disease.  It imposes double taxation (double the capital gains tax rate) on top of double taxation (U S taxation
on top of Canadian taxation).  The result is devastating for any Canadian family saving for the down payment for a house, retirement or the children’s education.
     As if the American contagion was not too much already, Immigration of infected persons (American Citizens)
has doubled in the last few years from the previous recent low immigration year to the present low immigration year.
     In addition to doubling, recent changes to the Canadian immigration points system under the previous Conservative government of Steven Harper give even more points for
speaking either English or French well, 28 points, up from 24.  Under the new “Federal Skilled Worker Program” immigration becomes next to impossible for those who don’t speak either official language well.”  This particularly affects older workers.  Points for bilingualism have been cut in half, from 8 to 4,  which helps Americans. That makes a change from 16 to 24 for Americans.  In addition,
if their spouse is fluent,  they got 5 previously and 10 points now.
That’s a increase of 13 points out of a required 67.  For the full
article copy and paste this ULR address to your browser...
     All of this undermines the financial viability of the country and its independence.

Mao Tse-tung       Pierre Trudeau

2016 Most Tax Advantagous Way to Renounce U S CitizenshipFree Talk TORONTO Jan 18,  4 to 6 pm To save tax, you must not only renounce citizenship and get U S approval (See "X-U S Citizens..." article), but the way it is done makes a tax difference.  Click HERE for  the firm's website.  Note:  They also do international clients. 

20170515 US Could Provoke Nuclear War With North Korea Because of It's Dictator But President Trump Incredibly Doesn't Even Know Who He Is -- Nato Allies Freaking Out. Time 2:19Video click HERE Secrets denied Allies are given to Russians in Oval Office Time 9:50Video clickHERE

Noam Chomsky    1994                               20170106

There is an experiment going on.

“ Can you marginalize a large part of the population” “Can you set up a word where production is carried out by the most oppressed people with the fewest rights and the most flexible labour markets. And production is for the rich people of the world?” Question from the audience "Will there be a second American Civil War?"  The marginalized , if you're in Columbia, get killed, if you're in New York, you get locked up. The Republicans are the party of business. “The only way they can rally the public is behind jingoism, fear, hatred, slander and other techniques which have been used quite effectively to organize great masses of people in times of real distress.”

 To see full video, click            HERE.

20170607 Britain's Bernie Sanders Refuses To Back DownVideo click HERE

Countries Unfair to US:

European Union





Germany (US ran surpluses for decades following WWII;

                            now Germany is doing the same thing.  So Unfair!)

 TPP Pacific Rim Countries

187 Paris Accord Countries

US corporations have 50% of all the world's wealth.  Should have 100%


20170929 Is Trump Following a ‘Japan First’ Policy Against Kim Jong-un? To read story ClickHERE .

20170801U S Military Thought Trump Had Declared War on North KoreaTime 1:49  HERE

20170825  Inside North Korea(a documentary)Video clickHERE

​20170912 Insight into Most of America's (and the rest of the world's) Problems:

Terrorism from religion (religious groups are about social interaction, not religious faith)

Addiction                                     Obesity                                    Health
Diet choices                                Healthcare Expenses          Climate Change
HAPPINESS    “The extremes of pleasure all lead to addiction whereas there's no such thing as being addicted to happiness.”
Read Dr. Robert Lustig's book “The Hacking of the American Mind” (I'm going to.) and watch this
Video clickHERE, HEREandHERE  .

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     The Democratic National Committee failed the challenge presented in "Challenge to the U.S." and by the Republican National Committee.  The challenge was to do the same as every other country and stop basing taxation on citizenship.  

     The Democratic National Committee failed to even respond to the challenge.  

​     The Republican National Committee, on the other hand passed a resolution to end citizenship based taxation unanimously.  Where else to you find 100% agreement in the U. S. these days?

​Meet Your Future

16 of the 20 members of the

Advisory Commission on Asian Americans

R E S I G N   due to T R U M P  policies.​Video clickHERE

   Canada          U  S  A

20170531Refugee Dies Trying to Escape US to CanadaTime 21:45  Video click HERE

20180128 Insider Tells How North Korean Problem Came About Video click  HERE  .

US No-Fly Zone Inside US for People of Wrong Race----Exclusive Report      Video click HERE.

20180116   U S Brings Back Debtors Prisons, a practice banned in ancient Greece and Rome as “primitive”.In the U S this was banned in 1833 and subsequently banned by the U S supreme court as unconstitutional. It is internationally recognized as a violation of civil rights under  the International Covenant of Civil and Political Rights.  See video click HERE  and read this.  click HERE  .

​20170821 IRS demanded to know the “content of their prayers” from Republican groups in 2012. Time 4:27 Video clickHERENote that when Republicans are suppressed, they get audited; non-Republicans get shot and killed or have their voter registration canceled or go to jail for 20 years. All suppression is wrong.

20170423 Press Freedom & US first Amendment Under attack -- Glen Greenwald Video click HERE

20180208  China's foreign minister hopes North and South Korea can keep the momentum of interaction going and gradually open the door to peace. Read Korea TimesclickHERE .United Nations SecretaryGeneral said dialogue between North Korea and the United States is "absolutely necessary" and "urgent". Read Korea Times clickHERE .

20171128 UPDATE OF KOREAN ADOPTEE DEPORTED TO KOREA– Lost to suicide because of a clerical error in U S – his U S  family now growing up  fatherless.(also see original story20161027 3 Year Old Korean Adoptee to U S Being Deported   Now after 37 Years in U S”in right column.) Video click HERE  .

20171109  Noam Chomsky on Security – Decisions hardly consider security of survival of the people even in cases of nuclear war according to government documents. It's all about maintaining power and the elites.Video clickHERE.

Trump Kills Trans Pacific Partnership

Originally the TPP did not include the US, but they bullied their way in, then they killed it ruining 8 years of work by the other countries, just like they did with climate change conferences, except for  the last.

     TPP's more recent, largest goal was to maintain U.S. trade dominance in Asia, a way to ward off China's growing economic influence. Cancellation creates an opportunity for China to make attractive agreements with the Pacific Rim countries to trade with them instead of the US.            Canada's Trade Minister mused that future agreements would likely be bi-lateral (read as Canada & China).

​20170825Democrats Impersonate Bill Collectors In Desperate Fund-raising AttemptVideo clickHERE



Video click HERE.

2017010Refugees Flee US for Canada

     ​Since spring of 2016, more than 400 people have entered Canada near Emerson, Manitoba to seek asylum in Canada. International law permits them to make a refugee claim once they make it across the border Many who make the dangerous trek say that it is no longer feasible to make a refugee claim in the US. So many are crossing now that Canadian officials asked the small town of Emerson to open their community center in order to accommodate those seeking asylum. The community is working with Canadian border officials to ensure everyone's safety, including those seeking asylum in Canada.  Click HERE

CANADIAN BORDER NEAR EMERSON, MAN.The number of people seeking refuge is already at a record high and destined to grow much larger. The Welcome Place refugee agency has helped 91 since November, more than all of last year. Most of those making the dangerous journey face bone chilling temperatures which reached -15C last night while they walk for miles through the waste deep snow of farmers' fields in the dark in hope of being found before they suffer frostbite or freeze to death. None have died of the cold so far, but two men crossing on Christmas Eave suffered frostbite, one loosing all his fingers and perhaps his arms. This is extremely dangerous, but the refugees are so desperate that they feel that they have no choice. Those two were found by a passing truck driver and saved from certain death. They were so grateful to be saved that all three of them were crying.

   A number of those crossing are from Ghana where just being gay is a criminal offence and persecution is rampant. The Ghanaian Union of Manitoba says "We haven't had something before like this. We don't know what to do." The unprecedented circumstances and mushrooming influx seems to have all at a loss as to how best to help.   ClickHERE

​Donald Trump's Muslim Ban and the permanent baring of any Syrian refugees exacerbates the situation and increases the expected flow of humanity crossing the border "They will make a dash for Canada, whether they are going to go through cold weather to die or not," said Abdikheir Ahmed, a Somali immigrant. The message from the Prime Minister is “To those fleeing persecution, terror & war, Canadians will welcome you, regardless of your faith. Diversity is our strength#WelcomeToCanada “

    “Canadian Council for Refugees, Amnesty International and the Canadian Civil Liberties Association, are demanding Canada abandon the Safe Third Country Agreement that requires people to apply for asylum in the first of the two countries they arrive in.  “ Since it is almost impossible to enter Canada without going through the US first, refugees are abandoned by the law. This means that officially Canada cannot accept these refugees, BUT there is a loophole. If they can make it to Canadian soil without going through a border checkpoint, they can claim asylum. Thus the situation described above.  Click

     The problem is so bad that Western Law is joining with 22 other universities across Canada for a 12 hour research-a-thon to find legal ways to challenge the “Safe Third Country Agreement” “So what we’re trying to do with this research is prove that the US is no longer a safe refuge for refugees,”  This unprecedented event and unprecedented support was organized across the country in 48 to 72 hours.ClickHERE or HERE

     One landmark story is that of "Ahmed, who originally fled Somalia in 2014, had been granted work authorization in Ohio in 2015. He worked as a truck driver while trying to make an U.S. asylum claim.  However, he said, when Trump signed the executive order barring citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries, including Somalia, from entering the U.S. he knew it was time to leave.”
     Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister said “Manitoba is the home of hope and open to all. We will welcome any and all newcomers whatever the circumstances. #mbpoli#WelcometoCanada “ Click

     A former Chilean refugee who works with the Interfaith Immigration Council makes the trip to Emerson, Manitoba many times to deliver much needed supplies. He says most have nothing except the clothes on their back.

Late last night it was announced that Border Services, RCMP and the town came to an agreement where the first two will make certain that there are sufficient services and support for those crossing the border.

Video click
HERE.  New (20170210) 
Video click HERE

Another Canadian prevented from crossing the border Video click HERE

Also read" Cruel U S Policy Lures Refugees                With a Promise of Safety,               Then Leaves Them Destitute" article dated 20161214 in center column below pictures.

UPDATES 20170211: Syrian Refugees Flee US to Quebec, Canada Video clickHERE.  Lawyers mobilize, ready to help Video clickHERE 

*Taxes low income seniors, foreigners and others to over-enrich what is already the richest country in the world.


*Competitive (love/hate)

20170521 Americans Poisoned by Government Water in Flint Arrested for Speaking Out at a Public Meeting -- Jordan Speaks with FLINT 6 LAWYER Video click HERE New info on Flint corruption Video click HERE

20171216  Over $6 Trillion of Unaccounted U S Army Spending Time 3:33 Video clickHERE .Antibiotic Superbugs Created by Pharmaceutical Companies Discharging Dangerous Waste in Their Factories' Discharges in India and China. 25,000 killed in Europe alone by these superbugs already. Time 8:08.  

#1 Click HERE

​The U S government goal of maintaining U S hegemony was accomplished at the expense of the U S middle class and others in the U S and around the world by maintaining a policy of “controlled disintegration in the world economy” as described in Paul Volker's speech at the University of Warwick on November 9, 1978. (See page 71 of Yanis Verifakis' book “And the Weak Suffer What They Must?”) This meant the U S would have to take on enormous debt and run enormous trade deficits to maintain hegemony. It also meant stagnant wages for the past 40 years. Maintaining the U S dollar as the world reserve currency was vital to this goal.

     At last night's presidential debate, Clinton says that she wants to improve the middle class. But the fact is that Bill Clinton is the one who repealed the Glass-Steagall Act which resulted in the sub prime crisis. He says that he regrets doing it, but I have a report that says that, at the time, the Clinton administration wanted to repeal it in order to make sure that the“financialization” would be great enough to draw in foreign investment in order to maintain U S spending and, hence, hegemony. Do you think a politician would say one thing while doing the exact opposite?

      Trump, on the other hand, touted lower debt and lower trade deficits. This is the precise opposite of what the U S government has a goal. Is he even aware of what the government's objective, worldwide hegemony, is? What would he have to say about the price the American people have paid for this as well as others around the world.

It's all academic now. China is coming to the rescue and will save us from this political, power-mad foolishness.

Go to www.uncommonwisdom.com/experts  and click on the banner headline about gold  or click HERE to see the full video report.

20170503 No Water for US Prisoner Resulting In Death –Charges Pending Time 8:08Video clickHERE

​20180304 Chomsky: US moving to ‘destroy the world' Video click  HERE  .   Full interview in Spanish Text an Video click HERE  .

Omar Khadr finally gets surgery in Canada which went untreated during 10 years in US custody.Time10:26  Viceo HERE

20170814 U S Pushing for war with China Using Same Thing They Did to Push Japan into Attacking the U S in WWII  They did exactly what they knew would cause an attack....in the Civil War, World War I, the Spanish-American war and WWII and now with China (possibly---situation pending). Video click HERE  .


article 15(2) of which asserts the right to change one's citizenship.  Violation of this right is at the root of many of the problems dealt with at this website.

20170811 Big Oil Teaching Love Of Oil Inside Public Schools Video click  HERE

20171110 U S Tries to Make Venezuela’s Crisis Worse in Order to Destroy Their Economy and Topple the Government – Russia Bails Them Out For Now Video click HERE  .

The Overlooked Past Behind U.S.-North Korea Tensions & How South Korea Could Forge Peace vIDEO CLICK ​HERE.

The European New Deal -- DiM25 and Yanis Varoufakis 20170531 Video clickHERE 

20170424  Young boys 12 to 14 years old returning from playing basketball stopped and threatened by US police at gunpoint .Time 6:22Video clickHERE

Clinton – Kremlin $140million Smoking GunVideo clickHERE 20170507

U S Targets Canada

In recent years the American Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has been targeting Canadians who were once U S citizens. In Roman times and before that, ancient Greece and even earlier, ancient Egypt, Justice has been envisioned as impartial, not an instrument for targeting a particular group.

In spite of the attention this has attracted, an even bigger scam has been overlooked. The U S claims that former U S citizens in Canada owe capital gains tax to the U S for sale of their principal residence. There is a deduction of $250,000 US from the gain ($500,000 if married and filing a joint return in the U S), but that still leaves some with a six digit tax bill. ​Larry Jacobson, a financial planner with Macdonald Shymko & Co. Said one client fell off his chair when he heard the news. That bill put a real damper on his retirement plans`. Gains on sale of a principal residence is free of any tax in Canada. This is one of the few tax advantages we have in Canada.   Taxes on such capital gains are 15% to 20%, but a 3.8% extra Medicare tax is added on for higher income people. I don't think that they would ever qualify to collect on Medicare, but they have to pay anyway. Microsoft and IBM pay 15% now on regular income, but individual Canadians are forced to pay 15% to 23.8% on capital gains on their Canadian home even though capital gains taxes are usually half those of income tax.  

      To add to this insult and injury, there is an even more onerous tax the Americans try to exact. This concerns mortgages and the Canadian dollar exchange rate. Because the Canadian dollar was worth more than $1 U S in` 2007, a $350,000 mortgage in Canadian dollars would have been valued at roughly $367,000 in U.S. dollars. Let’s say you pay this mortgage off at some future date when the Canada-U.S. exchange rate is the same as was at the start of the year. That would cut the initial cost of that $350,000 mortgage in U.S. dollars down to about $298,000. As Mr. Bewick describes it, the IRS would view you as having made a gain on your mortgage of $69,000 – it only took $298,000 to pay off a debt of $367,000.

This gain would be taxed as ordinary income and would apply even if you have a loss on the sale of the home.``The obvious question in considering the potential taxes for American homeowners in Canada is how the IRS can enforce the rules. Canada shares information with U.S. tax authorities, but virtually no one in Canada reports the sale of a principal residence on their tax returns.` Globe and Mail 20150112.

The Government of Canada services the wants and needs of the U S government the same way that the Haitian government did when they paidl $21 billion to France because of the French gunboats offshore. (See article on Haiti below.) On October 3, 2016, the Government of Canada for the first time ever announced that they were starting to require Canadians to file a form describing the gains on sale of their principal residence even though it entirely non-taxable. This helps the U S since Canada shares this information with the U S. Evidently, they read the above Globe and Mail article.

This is entirely unfair and ruinous to senior citizens in Canada whose only crime is being born in the U S.

Source articles:
Click HERE or HERE.

“Arrest of 3 Immigrant Rights Activists is a clear case of political retaliation” The arrests sparked a protest rally on 20170318. The first arrest was when an activist appeared at a court hearing for dismissal of a DUI charge. The other 2 were arrested by undercover ICE agents. One of them served on the Vermont Attorney General's Immigration Task Force. The Vermont ICE is called a rogue agency. Video click HERE20170329 Following protests, 2 Immigrant Rights Activists Freed by ICE. Wife of third says she will not sit home. She said"I will get up every day -- each and every day -- and fight for his freedom. "Video click ​HERE

20171206   South Korea Increases Corporate Tax Rates.Social spending will benefit. Taxes were increased “ reasoning that trickle-down economics did not work despite favorable tax cuts".   Youth unemployment is at a record high and wage growth has been less than inflation. To read Korea TimesclickHERE .

20171203  What Future U S President Investigated the Assassination of Kennedy  for the CIA as Declassified Documents Prove, Yet Denied It.Hint: his father was a founding director of a bank that helped fund Hitler during World War II but was never prosecuted under the “Trading with the Enemy Act”. Video click HERE  .

 20170605 If U.K.'s Jeremy Corbyn is elected, “on day one, hour one, second one, the whole game is up for western backing of these Wahhabi extreme dictators and head removers in Saudi Arabia.”     Democracy Now and The Guardian Time 10:18Video click HERE

US Pulls Out of Interamerican Commission on Human Rights hearing. ACLU wrote “The Trump administration's refusal to engage with an independent human rights body, which has played a historic role in fighting impunity and barbaric military dictatorships in the region sets a dangerous precedent that mirrors the behaviour of authoritarian regimes and will only serve to embolden them.”​Time 2:18 Video click HERE

20171206  190,000 North Korean kids face malnutrition risk as UN cuts food supply– insufficient funds blamed. To read Korea Times article,clickHERE .

                                                               #1 In other countries there are riots if “voting results” are off of exit poles by 2%--U S 10% Off Doesn’t Matter Video click HERE


​"Decade of Betrayal": How the U.S. Expelled Over a Million U.S. Citizens to Mexico in 1930s
 Now is not the first time people of Mexican decent were demonized, accused of stealing jobs and forced to leave the country. Estimates of 1 to 2 million people were deported to Mexico in the 1930s; as much as 60% of them were US citizens.
In 2003 hearings were held in Sacramento, California concerning the expulsions. A memorial to victims has been erected in Los Angeles.
     These unconstitutional deportations occurred throughout the entire US. They began under Hover and continued under FDR. During this time, the press said “a Mexican is a Mexican”, counting US citizenship as nothing.
     See and hear a man who was 6 years old at the time tell in minute detail the story of how it happened to them. The soldiers would not let them take anything with them, not even birth certificates. Even as a senior citizen, he still has nightmares of this.  

     Again in the 1950s, there were mass deportations under Eisenhour—operation “wet back”. And yet again this happened under Bush and Obama and it still carries on today.
     Raymond Rodriguez, witness at the Sacramento hearings on 20030715, tells his story of his father being taken away when he was 10 years old in 1936. He never saw his father again. This private history has now become public history. The US claimed that the people agreed to voluntarially leave. They had the choice between staying in jail (they were jailed because they were of Mexican heritage, not because of some crime) or deportation (also see story in right column "After Sleep-Deprivation Torture at US border, South Korean Singer Dean Bypasses US for Canada"and the story "Police in US Extort Cash for Freedom Deals "in the middle column).  Mexicans never were a large proportion of the people on welfare, though the conventional wisdom was the opposite.Various other groups such as Japanese and Jewish people have come together of oppose this characteristic of American Society. Books on this subject are “Decade of Betrayal” and “Harvest of Empire”
Video click HERE

​​Once World War II broke out, those who were deported were sent draft notices and had to serve in the US Army even though they could not live in the US.    To view another feature length documentary, click HERE

20151218  Just learned that there is RENUNCIATION of US citizenship (done in US) or RELINQUISHING of US citizenship (can be done at a US consulate).  Even if one gets a "Certificate of Loss of Nationality" from the US, they can come after you later.  A US immigration lawyer who was consulted on this matter did not mention any of this.  The lawyer & US government act like for sure everyone born in US still has US citizenship, but the accountant says whether or not one STILL HAS  US citizenship is "KEY", meaning that one could very well NOT still have US citizenship.

          If one tries to fill out an application for "Certificate of Loss of Nationality", the US government will not answer any questions about how to fill it out.  So un-transparent, un-open and un-helpful!

                         UPDATE Trump is considering pardoning man convicted of holding prisoners in his own desert “concentration camp”Video click ​HERE    .

20180106   “South Korea needs to be on a short leash” High level U S state department official. He was speaking about South Korea, not North Korea. Quote Time 24:09Subject started at Time 15:49 Video clickHERE .

​​#3 in a series of a series of articles

“Confessions of an Economic Hit Man” is a book by John Perkins which tells of a system of duping underdeveloped countries into engineering mega projects with promises of great financial returns for the underdeveloped country. The “studies” predicting great returns were phoney, designed to get the poor country to take on enormous debt for returns which were a tiny fraction of those promised. Contracts went to U.S companies. The U.S. Benefited to the tune of trillions of dollars from the poorest of countries. The goal was to “keep them under the burden of unsupportable debt” as described in a song by Bruce Cockburn. The enormous debt was then used to force the victim country to adopt political stances dictated by the U.S.

   This is similar to the fate suffered by the “PIGS” at the hands of the troika in Europe. Greece, as an example, was not allowed to devalue their currency because the currency was not theirs. They were not allowed to default either. The result is a never-ending downward spiral for the Greek economy, higher taxes, more austerity, cuts to wages and pensions, an ever-dwindling tax base and enormous payments to creditors.

   Such actions concentrates the wealth and makes sure that poor people and nations become downtrodden.

This system relies of global legal enforcement such as the “New World Order” is designed to ensure. 

Quote of the Day
In case you ever wondered why the
U S wants to charge non-resident  foreigners income tax, here is your answer courtesy of the Republican front runner for President. . . . . . . .

"Now we're going to get greedy for the United States Grab, Grab, Grab."
Donald Trump 20160224

US Police Officer Fired for NOT Murdering Suicidal African American. Police who DID murder him Stay Employed. Time 11:00Video clickHERE

20170924 N. Korea Address to UN Video clickHERE.


20171211  Honduras“They (the U S)control the media, the private enterprise, the churches, the military”(Time 17:09)Time 13:10Video clickHERE .

20170731Cops Cheer Trump’s Call To Brutalize Citizens Video clickHEREUpdates:#1Time 5:27Video clickHERE #2 Video clickHERECops’ “Rough Ride” Resulted in Death of Freddy Gray  Video click HERE

Drain  the

Swamp  ?!!???

20171103  U S ICE Agents Wheel 10 Year Old out of Hospital Emergency to Jailfor Being Undocumented Immigrant. Her parents came to U S when she was 3 months old so she could get medical treatment. – Demonstrators protest jailing of families & children forced to grow up in U S jails.Time 10:20Video clickHERE    and       Time 4:11Video clickHERE

20170720   Flint Water Crisis: 5 Charged With ManslaughterVideo click HERE

20170620Forces Break Down the Doors and Steal Proof of Voter Suppression in Georgia 6 th Congressional District
When a 6th Congressional district Korean-American group notified the US Secretary of State that thousands of their voters who correctly filed voter registration forms were, nonetheless, omitted from voter lists and they had photocopies , Republican forces broke down the doors of the group and took the files, disappearing the evidence. They then terrorized the group by threatening to charge them with false crime charges. Same with Black voters.
Video clickHERE

20170805   “ What’s happening in South Korea  and the Korean peninsula is an example of how we are at an impas.  We cannot go forward with this policy of economic and military domination.   "We have a general assault going on against democracy in our electoral system.”  “A whole lot of hacking going on”  “the politics of fear... it’s basically producing everything we were afraid of."Time 3:05 Video clickHERE .

20170427 20% to 40% of Local Government Revenue is From Fines – For Profit Prisons Used as Effective Debtors Prison or Extortionists on Families of Victims of FinesVideo clickHERE

First for-profit prisons, now for-profit parole companies.

​X-U S Citizens Still Required to pay U S Taxes As If They Were Still U S Citizens   20170107
Crazy as is sounds, even if you make no money in the U S, are not a resident of the U S and are not a citizen of the U S, you are still taxable as if you once were a U S citizen! This applies to people who were  U S citizens, but gave up U S citizenship after 3 June 2004. Here is exactly what the “Canadian Tax Foundation 66th Annual Tax Conference “ [page 8] said on the matter.” Under current tax law, an individual does not cease to be treated as a U.S. citizen until the date on which his citizenship is treated as “relinquished,” which requires the individual to notify the Department of State.” This is similar to the non-loss of tax liability of green card holders who give up U S residence (see the article on this web site entitled “Red Alert for Green Card Holders”). According to this, you can be a non-U S citizen and notify the State Department of that, but if they want to be mean they can just refuse to “treat the citizenship as relinquished” if they want to and there's not a thing the person can do about it.

This, of course is current U S law. If one lost citizenship many years ago, the tax laws, I believe, ceased taxation when citizenship ceased. The only way to know to file with the State Department to document loss of citizenship would have been to see many years into the future (50 years in my case) and act according not to what the law is, but what it is going to be in the distant future.
The bottom line is, trust your fortune teller, not the U S government.​

      You lose citizenship when in an army at war with the U S like North Korea or an act of treason.  They require you to get leave to cross enemy lines to renounce before a U S consulate or pay U S tax.  Paying  tax to the U S would get you shot in North Korea. These people belong in a rubber room.  You are not free until the U S decides you're free, just like the only other country to tax on citizenship.  That country conscripts everyone and doesn't discharge them until they decide to.  Refugees say that conscripted service was 8 to 12 years with no discharge.
     Click HEREfor the source document which appears to have a lot more related information.

Asylum Seeker
awaiting brain cancer surgery which is necessary for her survival was arrested by ICE officers, bound and removed from hospital to a for-profit detention center where all communications with lawyers and family are cut off and she is left to suffer convulsions without support or hospital care.  Watch at 4min.55 second mark. 
Video click HERE 

For Updates click HERE and HERE.

20170620Naomi Klein (her new book is “No is Not Enough”)”We can't understand the story of the United States and what this economy is without understanding how race has been used systematically as a wedge to divide and enforce the brutal economic system.”Time 2:16Video clickHERE

20171017 Trump Pushing For N Korea Pearl Harbor Event Video click HERE

20180123  South Korean President Urges Support for “efforts to continue the miraculously earned opportunity “ Full article click HERE . Please note that Wikipedia indicates that the party organizing demonstrations against these peace initiatives has only one seat in the National Assembly.

​20170823 “Warning: Your Cellphone is Frying Your Brain!”40% of cells show DNA damage. “It’s one of the biggest cover-ups of all-time “ 15,000 studies confirm. Read Korea Times article & get FREE EXCLUSIVE REPORT. Click HERE 

20170814 Brian Williams: "Our Job... Scare People To Death"  Video click  HERE   .

​20170814  Chomsky Bombshell: US Rejected N. Korean Peace Offer Video click HERE     .

Regular (possibly daily) stories of US policemisconduct from "TheAdviceShowTV" on youtube.  Sample video  Video click HERE 20170630  Cop shoots herself & says black man did it.  Turns out black man never existed. Video click HERE

20170605 Trump supports torture and might be planning to destroy 6000 page report showing torture is ineffective. Video click HERE  20170606 Lawyer for Tortured Detainees: US created ISIS through misguided detention, Interrogation  policies.  Video click HERE

G  R  E  E  N   C  A  R  D

     H  O  L  D  E  R  S

Canada #1 Travel Destination for 2017

     So says Lonely Planet, the world's top travel publisher, in their “Best in Travel 2017” travel guide.  They cite “dynamic cities”, “inclusiveness” and “impeccable politeness” in addition to it's famous scenery.   

     Since 2017 is Canada's 150th birthday, there will be celebrations throughout the year which will provide an extra reason to visit in 2017.   

20170907  Trump's misleading tweets amplify N. Korea woes. U.S. President Donald Trump's misleading tweets about South Korea are becoming a major source of concern here when a unified voice is needed more than ever between the allies in response to North Korea's threats.Trump apparently took a jab at President Moon Jae-in who has consistently pushed for the need for dialogue for a resolution to the heightening tension on the Korean Peninsula. Trump accused “of "coming out swinging at" South Korea and China rather than trying to build "support and coordination"” Read Korea Times story ClickHERE

​20180227  Trump slams Trump:President signs document rebuking own views on trade the 2018 White House "Economic Report of the President"  Trump keeps saying the U S has a trade deficit, but the above document which he signed says thatU S has a trade surplus with Canada.ClickHERE  . Politico article U S   "predatory"  Click HERE  .

20170824  U S Surveillance State Requisitioning All Information on the Web Browsing of Anyone Who Protested Trump's Inauguration or Just Inquired About It or Even Visited the Website (1.3 million people). The government can't investigate 1.3 million people; this is just to intimidate people not to search the internet or express their political views.Video click HERE     UPDATEVictory – requisition for records withdrawn Time 10:07Video clickHERE

20180210 U S Drug Companies Researched Who to Target to Create Opioid Addition, But White House Ignores Experts and Uses Opioid Crisis for Politics and to Blame Innocents As A Smoke Screen For Their Donors While 175 Americans Die Per Day From This Crisis.Video click HERE  .

20170922  Commentary on Trump's UN speech.“The United States right now is a very dangerous country.” North Korea said “We are looking for a military equilibrium to avoid a military option.”Video click HERE

20170717Elon Musk’s Billion-Dollar Crusade to Stop the A.I. Apocalypse Humans need to colonize Mars in order to have a place to go if Artaficcial Intelligence takes over.  “I think human extinction will probably occur, and technology will likely play a part in this.”  Stephen Hawking, “I think the development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race.” Bill Gates said that A.I. was potentially more dangerous than a nuclear catastrophe.


EDITORIAL COMMENT: If the humans did move to Mars, the machines would realize that the humans would invade Earth to take it back if the humans ever had a chance to do so  That being the case, the machines would invade Mars to eradicate the humans preemptively.

Read report clickHERE

20170514What Chinese People Think of Korean Situation – source, Asian Boss Video clickHERE

20180101   North Korean Peace InitiativeTime 14:57Video clickHERE

20160708  Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s father, Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, decriminalized homosexuality in 1969 saying “The state has no place in the bedrooms of the nation.”  He later led Canada to become the first western nation to recognize China.  Here are some pictures of Pierre’s visits to China.  He first visited China in 1949.

   W A R N I N G  !

If you had U. S. citizenship in the past, you might find that you are suddenly, without warning  unable to take money out of your account at a financial institution.  Even if you took out citizenship in another country over 40 years ago when U. S. citizenship ceased upon taking out new citizenship, this could happen.  It doesn't matter if you have been filing taxes with the IRS like the 1040NR and getting IRS approval of your filing.   It appears that it is not the IRS which is doing this.  This is a developing story, so check back to see what we can find out.  If you have your own story, please send it to us at.



There is Condemnation around the Globe including China and Venezuela for US Enslavement and Human Trafficking Under An Exemption to the 13th. Amendment Which Partially Repealed Slavery

a US Constitutional Convention Is In the Works
The “Millions for Prisoners March” rally scheduled for August 19th in Washington has as it's purpose the repeal of the part of the 13th Amendment which green lights prison slavery. The exception to the 13th amendment which says “except for prisoners duly convicted”"allows the US to practice legalized slavery and human trafficking even to this day”. In addition to removing the exception, they want Congressional hearings to examine the effect that this has had on US society over the last 150 years. Since 1777 this exception has been used for oppression including convict leasing. (See the movie “Slavery by another name”.) They would lease the person out for political purposes or just to make some money.

     The introduction of private prisons in the 1980s has ended up with the prison population exploding. Years ago “Democracy Now” aired a radio show about the abuses of private prisons. Two judges in Pennsylvania were tried and convicted of taking bribes to convict innocent youth in order to make profits for the private prison corporations. They aired a recording of the mother of one of the innocent victims who committed suicide because of the abuse he was subjected to by the rigged system as she berated the judge for the loss of her son as the judge was lead away after his conviction.
     The bodies of the prisoners now becomes “property of the state” and they do not even have to lease the prisoners out anymore; most of their money is made just by possession of the prisoner's body. The US has more prisoners than any other nation including China and in spite of a much smaller population.  The numbers are: 2.4million in prison, 13 million in jails, 8 million on probation and parole (not including juvenile detention). This generates billions upon billions of dollars. The US alone pays $182 billion per year just for the prison system.  Prisoners are exploited through the commissary, video conferencing or phone calls, j-pay “there's a million different industries that all exist primarily off of the “ prisoners including health care to food providers.
     It takes 35 states to amend the constitution. Almost nobody knows it , but “there is already a convention of states in progress” through an “article 5 convention”where they are trying to add or change amendments to the constitution. They already have 10 of the34 states needed. 28 states are already committed to signing on, so they are only 6 states away from the required number. According to those behind this “convention of states”, it's all about government spending. The people behind this are private international corporations while the Tea Party is leading the movement. Once such a convention is called, they can have a “runaway convention” where anything can be added or changed on the spur of the moment.
      The 6th amendment is “obliterated” because 95% of charges a plea-bargained instead of going to trial. The 4th amendment prohibiting search and seizure is undermined by the stop and frisk, “broken windows” program and other programs across the country. Likewise with the 8th amendment. So the US is already in a constitutional crisis. “The US government and the states are violating our rights every single day.”
US has 5 % of world population, but 25 % of world prisoners.
Video click HERE                      20170424     andHERE

20170803   Fake Fox News About Murder of Seth Rich Was Made in Collusion With White House Time 2:00  Video click HERE

20161224  U S Life Expectancy Declines 2 Years In a Row The last time this happened was in 1962 and twice before that in the 1920s.Time 31:42 Video click HERE

20180201 United States thinks a precision strike against North Korea is one of its serious options, despite concerns about catastrophic results it might trigger, as the Donald Trump administration withdrew its nominee for ambassador to Seoul who opposed the idea Read​Korea Times  click ​HERE

Hassan Aden, Greenville, NC Police Chief detained by Customs & Border Patrol for over an hour when returning from visiting his mother in Paris. He said “This country now feels cold and unwelcoming, and in the beginning stages of a country that is isolating itself from the rest of the world and from it's own people"  Time 3:15   No charges against prison guards who killed 50 year old mentally ill man locked in a shower. Time 9:29  Video click HERE

​# 1  in a series of articles

ANONYMOUSDoes Have A Point

  My understanding is that Anonymous contends that the "New World Order" will usher in an era where politicians shuttered in closed rooms will make the rules which everyone in the world will have to suffer under.  There will be no escape and no refuge.  This is so similar to the U.S. imposition of taxes and penalties on "Accidental Americans" and Former U.S. citizens who gave up U.S. citizenship decades ago!  I have always been against anarchy, but the opposite extreme would be a disaster too.  Larry Edelson of the Weiss group of newsletters says that U.S. law is extended to every corner of the globe now.  (Countries that want tax treaties with the U.S. and are denied same, still sign a related reporting treaty related to FBAR. See story "Brazil Seeks Tax Treaty With U S" dated 20160208.  Even U S enemies sign tax treaties with the U S, extending U S law to their jurisdiction.)   A "New World Order" would be concentration of all power in the world at one point.  How could it be that the rich and powerful would resist corrupting such a juicy morcel?  So strange coming from a country founded by people fleeing jurisdictions they found oppressive.  Watch for more related stories in this series.   20160714

20171203   “ Banksters” May be Labeled “Repeat Offender” by Regulator
“ Even though there was rarely a moment over the last five years where the bank wasn’t taking advantage of its customers in some way, it has only been assessed a grand total of $55 million in fines by the OCC – a pittance compared to the $4.6 billion net profit the bank earned last quarter. “  Customers could lose their jobs. All because of a bank’s negligence. “”Plaintiffs who were wronged by Wells can use it to justify a lawsuit.  “ Video clickHERE . To read “Zero Hedge” article on the subject,
clickHERE .

20170924 U S Bombers Fly North of DMZ but Over International WatersVideo clickHERE .

20170708 America Is The Poorest First World Country -- Linh Dinh
“Poorest country on earth”  “We only survive only looking good because of our military might because we are an empire but this cannot go on forever.”

Video clickHERE  "This is What Poverty in the US Looks Like" BBC Video clickHERE  3rd. world medicare Time 27:39ClickHERE


     Replacement of humans with robots which are smarter and cheaper than humans has long been a concern.  This video claims that there is a report on the NASA website which articulates a plan by the elites to do something about it.

     "This is what they are planning to do to all humans on the face of this planet." 

     Page 66 "  Increasingly critical are human limitations & human downsides.  Humans are too large.  Humans are too heavy, too tender.  Humans are too slow both physically and mentally and we require huge logistical trains.  Humans have rapidly decreasing to negative value."  " The elite think they have already achieved immortality."

     "The US is USA Inc.   We are no longer under a constitution as proclaimed in the 'Iron Mountain' report which everyone should read on stopthecrime.net."

     Al Gore's book "The Future" says artificial intelligence is taking over and we are going to see change in the US which  have not been seen in 500 years.  It also says it is just not efficient to continue with humans.  Video click HERE 

20170808  Trump is Clueless on North Korea  Video click HERE      .

Cristina Freedland says Canada will Fill Trump Gap Time 30:00  

Video clickHERE  ​  20170606

​20170923 Bernie Sanders on Foreign Policy(speech given 20170921) Video click ​HERE

20180612 EUROPE  UNITES ​ against Trump attacks on Trade & Trudeau.  "If you want a helping hand, you'll find it at the end of your arm", not in US. Click HERE  & HERE .  

*Gives low income seniors an extra pension to bring their income up to an acceptable level.
*Those polled said they would pay more for their electricity if the increase went to help low income Canadians with their hydro bills, so that's what we are going to do.




​20180610 ​Trump post G6 comments " disconnected  from reality" MSNBC video click HERE  .And  HERE  .And HERE .and HERE  .

20170720  Boycott Israel, go to jail for 20 years  Minimum fine $250,000Video click HERE  

20170722 18 year old  Pedro Hernandez held in notorious Rikers Island Prison for 2 years awaiting trial.  The victim and 9 others  say he is innocent.  This is reminiscent of  another teen  who committed suicide in the same prison after 3 years there and no trial for a crime of which he is known to be innocent. Time 5:12Video clickHERE  .​Prisoner Freed  click HERE , Then go to “Daily Show” for 20170907 Time 12:01 

20160423 ^ 20160525

Countdown to Solution


#3  President Obama supported a bill to help people return to their homeland and renounce U. S. citizenship provided they were under the age of 18 1/2 years.

#2  Temple University law professor Peter Spiro cites evidence that the U.S. government is coming to the conclusion "that the imposition of U.S. taxes on accidental Americans is unsustainable."

#1  the Republican National Committee unanimously adopted a resolution calling for an end to citizenship-based taxation.

# 0     S O L U T I O N

If Democrats and Republicans both support needed reforms, we should be able to get a commitment to resolve these issues this year! 

Let's go, people.  Let's encourage our local consulate, congressman or embasey to fix these problems (I want my life back)...

*    Taxation Based on Citizenship

 *   Allow freedom to change citizenship

 *  End financial reporting requirements
(Members of the "five eyes" fought two world wars together and share all top secret info, but they cannot be trusted to collect bank info? Ridiculous!  U S banks are the ones that cannot be trusted to abide by U S law as the Sub Prime Crisis proved.  Canada's banks are the soundest in the world. Canadian bankers are sought after by US banks as good bankers and Canadians are central bankers for 40% of the 5 eyes, Canada and the U
K.  Be reasonable.)


20170818  “President Trump grew increasingly isolated for repeatedly blaming both sides for last week end's violence in Charlottesville” Time 2:37 Video click HERETrump cut anti nazi fundingTime 5:00 "There is no military solution to Korea"and  U S should engage in an economic war with China.” Steve Bannon,fired Trump adviser Time 6:45

20170722  Billions of dollars have been confiscated if victim is “suspected” of a crime including minor traffic violations.  (No conviction) ACLU calls this a violation of due process which disproportionately targets people of color. Time 3:54Video clickHERE



Canada is said to be a caring, sharing society.  This music video shows what that is like.  No translation needed.  The visual says it all. Click HERE.

Copy and paste the ULR below for full CBC story


For full CBC story, click HERE

​20180111 U S Police Theft Racket Foiled Video click HERE

       Mexico Harmed

           By U S Taxes


      Mexico is well positioned to use it’s large, skilled, reasonably priced work force to continue it’s rapid industrial expansion.  The combination of low unit labor costs and lower transportation expenses to major markets as compared to it’s Chinese competitors is going to get a major boost as China shifts from being an export economy to being a domestic consumer based economy.
     There is, however, a major problem.  There are about 1.17 million Mexicans living in Mexico who were born in the U.S.  Their numbers have been growing at the annually compounded rate of 7.9779% per year while the population of Mexico as a whole grows at only 1.2% per year.  As U S citizens, all of these people are subject to U S income tax and also reporting of all bank accounts outside the U S under FBAR requirements.  In addition to these U S citizens in Mexico, there are some 1million Mexicans who returned to Mexico in the 5 years ended in 2014, some of whom  would be additional naturalized U S citizens.
     In 10 or 20 years, when those born in the U S start having families of their own, all their children will be automatic U S citizens because of a parent’s U S citizenship (all children of U S citizens are automatically U S citizens).  Since    U S born Mexicans living in Mexico  are a minority now, their spouse will probably not be a U S citizen.  If two U S citizens marry and have 4 children, the U S citizen count increases 100% from generation number 1 to generation number 2.  If only one parent is a U S. citizen, all 4 children are U S citizens-- an increase rate of 300%.
     At these rates, even if the number of naturalized U S citizens in Mexico in the first year was zero, it would only take about  60 years for two thirds  of the population of Mexico to have U S  citizenship and be required to pay U S income taxes.   These figures assume that the number of naturalized U S citizens at the start of this calculation was zero--an unlikely supposition.
     Already in 2014, income tax rates were higher in the U S than in Mexico.  The  tax rate was 39.6% compared to 30% for the highest tax rate and 35% compared to 28% for the lowest.  (See this web site for information on taxes http://www.tradingeconomics.com/mexico/personal-income-tax-rate     ).If these 2014 rates applied 60 years from now, Mexicans would be paying between 7% and 9.6% of their income to the U S if Mexico is able to negotiate a favorable tax treaty with the U S giving full credit for taxes paid to Mexico.  Other countries such as Brazil and Canada have not been able to negotiate fully fair tax treaties with the U S.   Of course, we all know that the enormous and growing U S debt will have to be paid and it appears that the U S has decided to pay it by taxing foreigners’ incomes.

Economists say that China would never have been able to pull itself out of being an underdeveloped  country if it had paid patent and copyright fees, much less become the greatest economic power in the world.  If nothing changes, Mexico  seems destined to pay income taxes to the U S instead of patent and copyright fees, but the result is the same.  Taxing of foreigners is simply unfair and ruinous.

      If you thought that U S citizenship is a guaranteed free pass into the U S, think again.  Right now it appears to almost always be so, but the U S border guards are charged with “protecting the territorial integrity” of the U S.  This can include refusing entry of U S citizens into the U S.  The Universal Declaration of Human Rights guarantees the right of citizens to enter their own country, but the U S does no subscribe to the declaration.   Right now, it might not seem to be a problem, but in 60 years when there are over 172million Mexicans in Mexico with U S citizenship, I assure you, it will be a problem-----either with or without a Donald Trump.

20170802U.S. Escalating Tension with N. Korea  -- South Korean“Candlelight Uprising” now turns to War situation pushing for Peace Treaty with North Korea  (US deploys more THAD missiles in South Korea without the President of South Korea even knowing about it.)Video click HERE Read Related articles in Korean Times:   1 Korea pushes for US,   S. Korea & Japan Talks including “condition of anonymity”. READ HERE2.  Regime change in North Korea is not a feasible option” S. Korea READHERE 3 North may test-fire ballistic missile from submarine READHERE

20171004 U S Regulators Abandon Law Enforcementand Will Now Rely on Wall Street “Self-Reporting” Their Crimes for which they get a 75% reduction of any fine or perhaps complete dismissal. Get ready for financial collapse all over again and for the same reason. Video clickHERE

20171220   “U S Security Strategy” calls fr U S to respond with nuclear weapons to non-nuclear attacks. So why does North Korea need nuclear weapons? Is plans for nuclear winter the reason that Trump doesn't consider climate change to be a problem? Time 5:25  click HERE(Also see above article.)

After Sleep-Deprivation Torture at US border, South Korean Singer Dean Bypasses US for Canada

Dean's web site shows no US concerts
but two show up for Canada on March 23 and 28 in Vancouver and Toronto on this web site
Another web site shows no US concerts listed for 2017 at

     When Hyundai started building cars in North America, they located in Canada, using the NAFTA treaty for access to the US market, but the US cheated and forced them to relocate to the US in violation of the treaty.  So now again they attack what Time magazine called Korea's most important export, KPOP.  Is this and the softwood lumber cheating how the US  should treat its partners and closest allies?  

See also the articles "Korean Singer Dean Detained  2            Days  Without Sleep By U S Immigration" and "​​U S Officials to be able to detain people indefinitely" further down this column.                             20170206

20170821  ​NAFTA hypocrisy-- “American push to create Buy American rules for government contracts in the U.S., while opening up these bids to U.S. companies in Canada and Mexico.” Prior to his election, Trump said “I'm going to get greedy for America ---- grab, grab, grab.”US also wants to eliminate impartial arbitration of any disputes. Read click HERE and HERE Also see Trump Wish List for Re-Jiging NAFTA “ story in center column.

 Yanis Varoufakis ontheBankruptocracy and it's Replacement

Video ClickHERE 20170510

20171030 Democrats Try to Prevent First Strike Against North Korea Without Prior Congressional ApprovalTime 1:14Video clickHERE  .

     Even before the funds start paying out, the Accidental American handicapped persons must pay thousands of dollars each year in accounting fees to report income even if their income is zero.  Additional reports are required for the “Registered Disability Savings Accounts” in Canada.  Other countries may have similar plans which are subject to the same costly reporting requirements. U S foreign trust and passive foreign investment company reporting requirements are particularly onerous and cover such things as mutual funds, foreign ETFs, retirement accounts and Registered Disability Savings Plans.   Accidental Americans and, in fact, all Americans living abroad will face higher taxes and compliance burdens than U.S. residents who keep money in similar U.S. investment plans. Accounting firms estimate that personal tax filings can cost from $500 to $5,000 a year because of the complexity of U.S. tax law.
    And then there are the fines.  Under the 2011 Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Initiative, people residing outside of the U.S. who stated that they did not file U.S. tax and asset-reporting forms because they were unaware of their U.S. citizenship faced fines of 5% of their assets.

In a heart wrenching interview with CBC, Carol Tapanila says "I wanted my son to have something when I was gone from this Earth and so I was a saver.  And now I don't want the U.S. to take one penny that should go to my children.  I want my hard-earned Canadian money that I've saved to go to my children, not to the U.S. or some compliance tax lawyers year after year after year after year."

She goes on to say, “As the Holder for my son’s RDSP before I successfully renounced my US citizenship, I paid taxes to the US for the grants and bonds that the Government of Canada contributed to my son’s RDSP, as well as gains in the RDSP. That is from Canadian taxpayer money — for taxes paid to the US IRS. Something wrong there.
PS: I became a Canadian citizen in 1975 and was told then that I would lose my US citizenship by becoming a Canadian citizen. US laws changed. The Government of Canada now refers to those like my son (anyone with a US indicia) as “Americans residing in Canada OR “US citizens residing in Canada” OR “US taxpayers residing in Canada”. Both my son and I are, excuse me, CANADIAN.”

     There are presently 2 legal actions that are aimed at FATCA or FATCA intergovernmental agreements:

1. Canada – Alliance for the Defence of Canadian Sovereignty has brought a lawsuit against the Government of Canada to invalidate the FATCA IGA that the Government of Canada signed with the U.S. Treasury. http://www.adcs-adsc.ca/

2. United States – Republicans Overseas has announced that it is bringing a lawsuit in the United States to invalidate FATCA. https://fatcalegalaction.com/

     Both of these lawsuits need funding. If you are an American abroad, FATCA does affect you!

For more information, please check out our sources....  1







Brazil Seeks Tax Treaty With U S

 Brazil wants a tax treaty with the U S to prevent double taxation which adversely affects Brazil.  In seeking such a treaty, Brazil could learn from the experience of Canada, the closest neighbour and ally of the U  S.  Canada’s treaty with the U S resulted in four classes of Canadian assets being taxed at a rate two or more times as high as the equivalent U S assets are taxed in Canada.    For more on this, see the article “ Canada U S Tax Treaty Unfair” below this article.
     One article describes how the U S is getting more tax from Brazil and is consequently holding up a treaty which is vital to Brazil’s intersts.  The article is at
     I will  quote from the article below:

“efforts concentrate on avoiding international double taxation, a known obstacle to nations' economic, social, and cultural development.
     Another key factor of a DDT is the grant of an exemption or tax at a reduced rate on certain receipts such as interest, royalties, dividends, capital gains and others
     The United States has a lot of bilateral DTTs signed, comprehending negotiations with more than 65 countries. Brazil is actually the only BRICS country that did not sign a double tax treaty with the US: China did it in 1984, India, in 1989, Russia, in 1992 and South Africa in 1997.                                                           
    Because of the increasing   Brazilian investments in the US, it makes sense to negotiate a DTT between the two countries. In his last visit to Brazil, in 2011, President Barack Obama was pressured by Brazilian investors towards organizing an agreement, but since then, very little has been discussed. A US/Brazil Double Tax Treaty would bring balance to the countries' relations, as US investments in Brazil are still much higher than the other way around, partly because of double taxation, that affects Brazilians in a worse way than Americans.”

​20170602 The World Is Disappointed With You America

Video click HERE

20170606How Donald Trump Will Destroy Capitalism Chris Hedges Explains  (The whole ball of wax explained in detail.) Video click HERE

20170604 "America is a Tinderbox"
The coming Neo-Feudal Society, Greed Collapses the Ecosystem, How we Got Here, What to Do And the Dangers Involved 
Video click HERE

20170427 Trump Classified Briefing of Senate on North Korea – South Koreans Protest Thad Time 2:25Video clickHERE.

  SNOWDEN THE MOVIEPRIMERS AT Toronto International Film Festival 20160911 updated 20160916

20170605Europe’s dependence on allies is over – Merkel Video click HERE

20180106  A few months ago, Trump labeled the Iranian nation a terrorist nation. Now he says“It's time for a change in Iran”and pretends concern for the Iranian people. “...couldn't care less about the Iranian people” Glen Greenwald. “human rights is not something the U S actually believes in.”State Department memo published in Politico. Facebook accounts being deleted at direction of U S & Israli governments. “...who's allowed to speak and who isn't” “hard to think of anything more threatening” “CIA soft coup”Glen Greenwald  Video click HERE   

20170520 US Crimes Chelsea Manning Revealed Including the authorization by Hillary Clinton of the theft of the DNA of the Secretary General of the UN Video click HERE

​20170809  US Diversity Visa Program Winners Are Being Denied Their Visas “taking this away from people who have won it is the cruelest possible thing this administration could do.  It makes us look petty and cruel as a society”  VIDEO CLICK HEREAlso read the story “ 20161214 Cruel     U S Policy Lures Refugees With a Promise of Safety, Then Leaves Them Destitute” further down the center column of this website.

20171024 U S general lies about Black, Female U S Senator as proven by tapes. Will these people lie the U S into wars with Iran, Korea, Venezuela, etc. just like they did in Iraq? Time 2:09Video clickHERE .

  20151222pm  Just heard there is a Supreme Court ruling that says that for those who took out other citizenship a long time ago, they cannot be made to have US citizenship currently.  This does not apply if you get a US passport or the like.

     You may have an old non-US passport that was stamped by Homeland Security.  If you do KEEP IT.  That is your proof that the US accepts that you only have OTHER citizenship and not us citizenship. (Update 20170119......U S Tax Consulting firm contradicts above statement, but keep the passport anyway because there is often conflicting information from accountants and lawyers on these issues---no guarantees.)

Meet Your New Favorite Person In All The World Who Tells It Like It Is And Explains All Of The Economic and Political Mess We Find Ourselves InVideo click HERE     20170624

MORE MARK BLYTH (5 min. 42 sec) video click HERE

Still More Mark Blyth (52min.) Video clickHERE

Longest, most complete Mark Blyth (1hr. 26 min.) -- Includes

     robotics and the possible end of work Video click HERE

Barclays Banksters & Execs Charged With Conspiracy to Commit Fraud * 10,000 previous frauds                                                                      * PM May to cut funds to "Serious            Frauds" Investigators so prosecution may be killed off                        20170622              *  Found Funneling Money to TerroristsSee Bill Black, author of "The Best Way to Rob a Bank is to Own One"Video click HERE

20171208   We have “ a real problem in governance, a real problem in the continuation of this (U S) republic in any sort of significant and meaningful way” This “could be empire ending.”Time 7:30 Video clickHERE .

20170629 "Democracy in Chains"is a new book by Nancy Mac Lean which chronicles " the ideological roots that have reshaped the Republican Party in recent decades."  Video click HERE


Milos Raonic makes history as the first Canadian to advance to the Wimbledon Grand Slam men's singles final.  Applause described as "the Canadian version of a riot"

​20170425 US “Reviewing” Iran Policy Iran is complying with their commitments under the Iran nucular deal as reported in a US document which the US government is required to publish. The compliance is hidden in the fine print while the government attempts to malign Iran by highlighting terrorism. They entitled the report “ Iran Continues to Sponsor Terrorism.“ Rex Tillerson said this “An unchecked Iran has the potential to travel the same path as North Korea and take the world along with it.”Video click HERE 

20170811  Former DOJ Civil Rights Head: TRUMP Is Implementing an Anti-Civil Rights Agenda voting rights, affermative action, police reform, LGBT rights, private prisons, war on drugs, blind eye to systemic police abuses, obstructed voting rights laws, “voter purge” program, muslim travel ban, attack on sanctuary cities, civil asset forfeiture, withholding funds from police department TRUMP doesn’t like. Video click HERE      .

​20171228"They .have seized all the leavers of power to render the citizen impotent. The judiciary has become a wholly owned subsidiary of the corporate state. Our only hope left is to build mass movements of descent. Corporate elite... which will quite literally kill us.” The prison system “is a microcosm of what our corporate masters are planning for the rest of us.” Prisoners are charged over $900 to visit a dying family member for 15 minutes. When they get out of prison, they owe thousands of dollars, they can't get a job, a place to rent or food stamps; then if they cannot pay on their prison debt, they are sent back to prison for the debt Video click HERE  .

20171211  U S - North Korea Conflict , An In-Depth Report From 60 Minutes Australia Video click   HERE  .

20180309 U S Military Budget Increases Pushes It to 14 ½ Times Russia's Military Budget VHERE  .

20180203   “The U S no longer sees the world as a global community, but as a fighting arena where everyone has to seek their own advantage...even after Trump leaves the White House, relations with the U S will never be the same.”German Foreign Minister.Time 20:56Video clickHERE .(Also watch at Time 30:12)

20170924   S. Korea & U S Concerned That Japanese “Distortion” Could Rupture 3 Allies' Front Against N. Korea. U S said “malicious reports” S. Korea “distorted intentionally” Read Korea Times ArticleHERE  .

 20170527Economist says Americans

              have lost their MOJO
-- US from Chinese Perspective -- Decline in US Innovation & Productivity
I ask, “Does the 40 year stagnation in US wages result in insufficient average American savings make Americans able to take the risks required for innovation?”  Video click HERE      AND........ 

time 17:50Video clickHERE

          Read the Korea Times article ("millions could die")Read HERE

20170728   US Voting Machine Results Rigged
Audits show actual votes are erased and changed to meet target goal.  Audit committee does coverup.Video click HERE


U S Renunciation vs Relinquishing Citizenship Trick and Certificate for      loss of Nationality

     By observing Wikipedia’s list of famous people to renounce U S citizenship, we see that the earliest date for “Federal Registration”  is 1994 or 1995.  “"Federal Register" refers to whether and when the former citizen's name was published by the U.S. government in one of its lists of people giving up citizenship. "Too early" refers to people who relinquished citizenship before publication began.”  Whether this is the date for the start of the use of the “Certificate of Loss of Nationality” or simply the date that publication of them began is not yet known to us.

The Wikipedia article includes this information about U S citizenship. “Federal policy towards U.S. citizens who naturalize in foreign countries has varied over the years. For most of the twentieth century, the State Department regarded such naturalizations as indicating the intent to relinquish U.S. citizenship in almost all cases. However, in 1990 the State Department adopted the administrative presumption that "when a U.S. citizen obtains naturalization in a foreign state, subscribes to routine declarations of allegiance to a foreign state, or accepts non-policy level employment with a foreign state", he or she intends to retain U.S. citizenship, overriding the earlier presumption that such acts indicated intent to relinquish U.S. citizenship.[1]”

  It appears that those who relinquished U S citizenship prior to 1990 do not have U S citizenship, but the U S tries to trick them into applying for a “Certificate of Loss of Nationality” and pay “tax owed to the U S”, open oneself up to penalties such as a 50% penalty on all non-U S bank account balances for not filing FBAR forms and allow the   U S to “come after you later” for more taxes.  I believe that by applying, one becomes subject to these outrageous charges which one would not be subject to otherwise.  The U S , some stock brokers and some U S immigration lawyers  appear to be promoting this scam.

Trudeau Raises     Rainbow Flag on   Parliament               Hill     


U S  Lifetime Ban on Canadians for Something Which Is Not Even Illegal

The CBC reports that U S border guards ban individual Canadians if they answer “Yes” to the question “Have you ever smoked pot (marijuana)?”  In the CBC report the case of Mathew Harvie is chronicled.  If one has ever smoked pot, the lifetime ban can be imposed.  But, of course, if you pay the U S government money, you can skirt around the ban.  A temporary pas can be granted for a few months up to 5 years at a price of $700.  The price is soon going up to $1200.  As Donald Trump said “Now we're going to get greedy for the United States Grab, Grab, Grab."
 All this money gouging, and pot isn’t even illegal in all of the U S.  It is known that pot will be made legal throughout Canada shortly so this is another case of the U S government imposing its laws extra territorially (except that it isn’t illegal in all of the U S).  U S citizens can smoke pot and it’s o.k. but foreigners cannot even if it’s legal.  Essentially it’s just another tax on foreigners for the crime of being foreigners.  The minister responsible, Ralph Goodale, is going after this issue.   Click HERE for CBC video.

  The CBC updated it's story on this subject  saying that if a permit is issued to enter the U S, it must be renewed time and again as long as the subject person lives.  This could cost the individual $1200 every few months to every 5 years, maximimum ,for as long as he or she lives!


20170812 Atlas Network Reproducing American Conservative Agenda Around the World Focusing Particularly on Latin America (Intercept Report) Video click HERE     .Read the Intercept report Click  HERE     .

Police in US Extort Cash for Freedom Deals (Much like US extortion of thousands of dollars to end citizenship, a violation of section 15(2) of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and resulting Tribute Taxation)  When Texas State Senator Proposed Legislation to End the Practice, President Trump threatened to end his career.   ​20170209
      In the US, police can seize cash, cars and homes from people suspected of a crime even if they are never convicted. The Texas Senator proposed legislation to require a conviction before seizure. “A New Yorker investigation shows local police have, at times, used forfeiture as a cash for freedom deal in which police seize cash, cars and houses from people who are never even charged with a crime.”  Video, click HERE.

Update Pa State Senator Daylon Leach said "Hay @realDonaldTrump I oppose civil asset forfeiture too!  Why don't you try to destroy my carrear you facist, loofa-faced ____-gibbon!"

​If you're not enraged, you're not paying attention.

20171005 Jack Ma Predicts Next 30 Years Video click HERE

Justin Trudeau.....                            20160305    ​               ......and his new Liberal government propose to revise the
CITIZENSHIP ACT OF CANADA, eliminating some “flaws” put in by  the previous Steven Harper........ ........Conservative government---but leaving others uncorrected

Here are the proposed changes:
1   Repealing May 2015 new grounds for citizenship revocation for dual citizens who commit certain acts against the national interest of Canada including terrorism.
2    Repealing the requirement that applicants declare on their citizenship application that they intend to reside in Canada if granted citizenship
3    Time spent in Canada before becoming a permanent resident will now partially count toward time-in-Canada requirement for citizenship
4    Applicants would no longer need to be physically present for 183 days in Canada during each of four calendar years that are within the six years immediately before applying for citizenship.
5   Previous changes expanded the age range of persons required to pass adequate knowledge of either English or French.  The age range will now be returned to the original 18-54 age range from the 14-64 age range.
6  Time served on conditional sentences will not count as time in Canada to fulfill citizenship requirements.
7  Applicants no longer will be able to take the oath of citizenship if they no longer qualify.
8  Citizenship officers will now be able to seize fraudulent documents.
For more details, visit...

     Problems with the Federal Skilled Workers Program appear to not have been addressed.  The previous Conservative government under Steven Harper introduced changes which favor American immigration and make it harder for most other immigrants.  This program alone accounts for roughly 10% of Canadian immigration.

      The Canadian Immigration point system requires a passing grade of 67 out of 100 to qualify for citizenship.  The Harper government altered the point system effective May 2014.  The changes favor Americans, Brits, French or “anyone from an English or French speaking nation.  For some, particularly older immigrants who don’t speak either official language well, immigration to Canada through this program [Federal Skilled Workers Program] will become next to impossible. “  But Americans and other will find it much easier. 

  The biggest boost comes from the emphasis on language.  It now counts for 28 points, up by 4 points.  Points for bilingualism has been cut in half from 8 to 4.  Five extra points are given for “adaptability” (“if your spouse is fluent in either English or French.  So if you’re a married American,  you could gain 13 points.

     “The age category has been boosted by two points and the target age range has been lowered.  10 points could be gained previously for those 49 or younger but the age has been reduced to 35.    The work experience category has been reduced from 21 points to 15.

  For the full story, see....  http://www.canadianbusiness.com/economy/canada-us-uk-immigration-rules/
     Increased U S immigration increases the threat that Canada, like Mexico, will become a state losing very large amounts of income tax money to the     U S as the Americans tax former U S citizens who work and reside in Canada.  See the story entitled   “MexicoHarmed  By U S Taxes” below for a fuller explanation of the implications.


 “I believe there will be reconciliation between our people, as well as   improved NorthSouth relations, which will ultimately lead to unification," North Korea's head of state. Read Korea Times article HERE .

20170423 Documented legal US resident deported within 3 hours of apprehension, now suing Trump administration. Time 8:34Video clickHERE.

Washington Post Fails to Disclose:1 Reporter on Saudi Trip is Paid by Saudi Governmnet, 2 Washington Post is Paid $600million by CIA, 3 Articles on Uber are Not Unbiased Because Washington Post Owner Has $1billion Invested in Uber -- All of Wich are Undisclosed....and more. Video HERE

20180412  Minor Survivor of Parkland School Massacre Threatened With Sexual Assault by Conservative Sinclair Broadcasting CommentatorVideo click HERE  .

20170430Trump reverses on making South Koreans pay for THAD -- South Koreans Protest THADTime 4:00Video clickHERE

​20171226  Puerto Rico– the “ wave of foreclosures could prove worse than what happened in the most hard-hit areas in the U.S. mainland during the Great Recession. “ This is an attempt to dispossess the hurricane victims by “Wall Street land speculators seeking to make a quick buck and turn Puerto Rico into a playground for the rich. “To read the full Intercept article,clickHERE .

20170612 Suspected CIA Front Group(s) Disrupted Gay Pride Marches Across US
They said they were protesting against war profiteers, corperatization of pride, fossil fuel extraction and for a scale back of police presence. On the same day a march was held in remembrance of the 70 LGBT lives lost in an ISIS terrorist attack on a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida. It is yet to be explained how reducing police presence would eliminate terrorism. Companies singled out were Wells Fargo, Lockheed Martin, BAE Systems and Northrup Grumman.
     You will note that the book “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man” showed how the CIA and similar organizations co opt political movements and organize the overthrow of any government they don't like which started with the democratically elected leader of Iran. Following his ouster, the Shaw came to power and ushered in a reign of terror backed by the US.   People still today have a picture of the ousted democratic leader on their wall.

20170628  After 64 years, CIA papers on this subject have finally been made partially public.  Video clickHERE
     US agencies like Social Security, the Weather Service and Homeland Security,etc. stockpile enough ammunition to carry out a war inside the US equal to the Iraq war for twenty years. This is in addition to all the ammunition in the hands of the police and army. Sabotaging good relations with police benefits only those who have been planning for and promoting a violent confrontation with the general public --- like the CIA.   Homeland Security alone has 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition.
Time11:11 Video clickHERE

20170902  China says “ As a close neighbor we will never allow war or chaos on the Korean Peninsula” Time 1:58Video ClickHERE

20180114 BANKSTERS (Again).Video clickHERE  .

Yanis Varoufakis' book "And The Weak Suffer What They Must?" concludes with "the strong break their rules at will and concoct new rules whenever they think it suits them."  

    This is precisely what the US did with Tribute Taxation (taxes levied as a tribute to power).  After 250 years of doing things one way, the bureaucracy made up the story"we've been getting it wrong all this time" and started targeting former US citizens for taxation.  After going through the process of relinquishing citizenship, one victim said "they can still come after me" (they can still change the rules after the fact and continue leaching). 20160922

ICE arrests legal resident with proof of status on him at time of arrest.Video click HERE

 US “War On Terror” Comes Home With Private Paramilitary Firms Targeting Peaceful Protesters, Calling Indigenous People (Indians) Jihadists
They state that the water protectors can be expected to follow the same pattern that post-Soviet Afghanistan did. North Dakota Native People's land refereed to as “battlefield”. 20170527 
Video click HERE Intercept article on same issue

Click to readHERE  20170605 Part 2 Video click HERE


U S taxes take most or all of special funds set up to support handicapped persons once parents pass on---In Canada, the Canadian government contributes some money to the funds as well.




If you know someone who ever had or still has a green card, make sure they read this.

20170520 US Border Agents Murder Anastasio Hernandez-Rojas and Lie About It Contradicting to Video Evidence
   In order to seek justice after 7 years of trying the US justice system, the family of Senor Rojas is now appealing to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights to provide it.
Following traumatic injury at the hands of US Border Patrol agents, Anastasio asked for medical treatment and to complain about the assault. An eyewitness says the officers beat him with billy clubs “like they were beating a drum”. Instead of resisting, the eyewitness said he had stopped moving from the beating and kicking. Another eyewitness told officers he was not resisting and asked “why are you guys using excessive force?” He was on the ground, hands and feet bound, with a dozen officers standing over him when a tazor was fired into him. Four more tazors were administered after kneeling of Senor Rojas' neck. The tazors resulted in the final heart attack after the beating. The San Diego Medical Examiner ruled the death a homicide due to an altercation with law enforcement. US Border Patrol confiscated cell phones and videos of some eyewitness and told them that the video deleted(destroying evidence—obstruction of justice). Other video when undiscovered by the officers and survives.

Mexican officials express the concern that there is no “good neighbour policy” at work and impotence in dealing with such issues.
A study of immigrant deaths shows a pattern of deaths followed by no public hearings, no criminal charges and no trial. Unlike all other US law enforcement agencies, the US Border Patrol faces virtually no public scrutiny. The government stonewalls all info on incidents, the officers involved and the training involved. American Civil Liberties Union request ed information on Border Patrol practices under the freedom of information. What they received was so redacted that it shed no light on said issues.
     The Trump Administration is loosening requirements for members of US Border Protection, the largest, 60,000 strong, and most corrupt law enforcement agency in the US. 50 other people crossing the border were killed by them under the Obama Administration.  Video click HERE

Further information at PBS “Need to Know” interview.HERE

​20180203 Asylum seekers Fleeing U S For Canada Soared to 8 Times the Total Fo r 2016 Time 7:35 Video clickHERE .Flood of Asylum seekers “prove to be a boon” for Canada Time 39:45 Video clickHERE Remember the guy who lost to frostbite fleeing U S

20170706Trump is Just Warming Up

What to expect, what to do & How to Win

See the new book "No is Not Enough" by Naomi Klein

   5 STEPS:

        Know what's coming

        Get out of your home and defy the ban

         Know your history

        Always Follow the Money

        Advance a Bold Counterplan

  Video click HERE 

20171020 China_driven to modernize by the US' military deployment in the Asia-Pacific. The goal is to become a top-ranked military by 2050 competitive with the West. Read full Korean Times articleclickHERE .

20170907  U S, Saudi Arabia and others smuggled weapons to terrorists in Syria, Congo, Afghanistan, etc using diplomatic flights to hide the weapons trade. Video click HERE


to the


20170720  "U S  Election System Worst in Western World" Harvard Video click HERE

20171206  " 90% Chance We Keep Slip-Sliding Into Hell”   Col. Larry WilkersonTime 15:00Video click HERE  .

20170213Proposed Changes to Law Would Make Canadians Visiting US Subject to Arrest

Currently Canadians who are subjected to pre-screening by US officials while in Canada can just walk away and decide not to visit the US.   Proposed changes to the law governing pre-screening would make them subject to arrest for “failing to cooperate”. Since US officials both at the border and operating through their criminal friends in Hong Kong sometimes commit a criminal offence themselves by trying to entrap innocent visitors, “failure to cooperate” would sometimes include failing to cooperate in the commission of a criminal offence. (See “My Story” at the bottom of the left column on this site.)
 Click HERE.UPDATE NEWVideo clickHERE  

 20170714 Big Pharma Planned to Create Opiod Addiction Crisis in US to Sell Their Prescription Drugs
Pharma did demographic studies to find those most at risk.  99% of this class of opiods is sold in the US, rest of the world 1%.     80% of some cities are first or second generation opiod addicts.  A typical county has to use $300million to treat the victims if they have had this problem for 5 years.              Class action law suit pending.  Time 5:02Video clickHERE